Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year 2019!

These three little kitties were out partying all night. Can you tell?!

Wishing you all a terrific year ahead!!

Saturday, 22 December 2018

An extra special Christmas story - Part 2 (of 2)

Chip and Coco were getting ready for bed.

Chip: "Oh oh, oh oh. I suddenly feel a bit cold and dizzy".

Coco: "Me too"!

Chip: "I can see something white and glittery".

Coco: "It's snow! The triplets must be dreaming. They've found the secret portal to the North Pole and they're taking us with them"!

The Carrot Family had made their way through to secret portal and were now at the North Pole!! Three adorable polar bears had come to greet them.

The triplets climbed up onto the cuddly polar bears.

The polar bears set off to find Santa. 

Rocket: "Hey look everyone, it's Santa's sleigh and it's full of presents!"

An elf strolled along and greeted them!

Holly: "Hi, I'm Holly. If you're Sylvanian I'm going to take you to spend Christmas with Santa now. If you're human then I'm going to take you back through the portal so you don't miss Christmas with your friends and family. This will feel like a refreshing day dream in 3, 2, 1..."


Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

Friday, 21 December 2018

An extra special Christmas story - Part 1 (of 2)

Everyone went to Santa's Grotto today to meet Santa Claus. They were super excited and can't wait for Christmas Day!

Chip and Coco: "It's time for a bedtime story".

Kit Kat, Twirl, Twix: "Yeah!

The whole family gathered to hear their father's story.

Chip: "This is the map of Sylvania. It shows us where each Kingdom is located and the circles show where their main portal is".

Chip smiled and unfolded the map.

Chip: "There's one place that's not on the map"!

The triplets gasped!!

Twirl jumped up and down: "Santa, Santa, Santa!" 

Twirl was right, the North Pole is not on the map.

The family told each other stories about North Pole, Santa, elves and the toy workshop!

The triplets tried to figure out where the North Pole would be on the map.

Chip hung the map of Sylvania up on the nursery wall next to the little bunk beds.

Part 2 will be available tomorrow :D

A massive thankyou to Sylvanako for creating the map of Sylvania and adding Magic Mayhem on there.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Mistletoe madness

The masked bandit appeared at Lucky's window once more.

They flew to London to see all of the pretty lights and Christmas decorations.

Lucky: "Oh this is so wonderful".

Lucky loved the fact that that the masked bandit was kind and funny just like Rocket, but couldn't possibly be Rocket so it was ok for her to like him.

Masked bandit: "Look, it's mistletoe!!" He leaned in to kiss Lucky.

Lucky didn't see any mistletoe but she had been wanting to kiss him and so she did!

Monday, 17 December 2018

Flying adventures

Yiasoo spotted something and gasped.

Yiasoo: "I'd better inform the King and Queen"!

Yiasoo: "Ayoi Ayoi Ayoi" she said as she ran up the stairs quickly.

Yiasoo: "It's the masked bandit. He's out causing trouble again".

Yiasoo was right about one thing. It was certainly the masked bandit flying about outside, but causing trouble?! I'll let you decide...

Rocket has been visiting Lucky almost every night disguised as the masked bandit.

They have a lot in common and have become close friends.

Lucky: "Please tell me who you are?!"

Rocket: "I'm sorry but if I told you, you probably wouldn't want to hang around with me anymore".

They often have fun chatting and discovering new places together but Lucky really wants to know his secret.

Who could it possibly be under that mask?!

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Intruder alert!!

Hazel, Sabrina and I were having fun in the castle when somebody tapped on the door!

Hazel: "Nobody panic, nobody panic, everything's going to be fine! Sarah, quick hide under the rug or something!"

Hazel opened the door nervously. It was her friends Jasmine, Chi Chi and Bella.

Jasmine: "Hi Hazel, we're having a Princess party tonight and we were hoping you'd like to join us".

Hazel: "Oh thanks, but I'm sorry I have a baby fair to plan".

Bella: "So you do do Princess stuff!"

Hazel: "Well it's my first event. Hey, would you like to help me plan it and maybe make some baby items?"

Chi Chi: "Oh my gosh!! A real Princess party!"

Hazel: "They'll be a lot of work involved. It might not be fun".

Jasmine: "Don't worry, we'll drop by later to help you".

Hazel: "Thank you".

Later on that evening there was another tap at the door. Coco answered the door.

Bella: "Good evening Mrs Carrot. We're here to help Hazel plan her event".

Coco: "Come on in" she smiled sweetly.

Hazel: "Oh wow. I wasn't expected so much help. Thank you all so much. I think it's best if we split into teams. I need catering, a venue... so Bella if you take ..."

Coco was so proud that she began to cry. She was happy that Hazel's friends wanted to help her and knew that she was going to make a great leader one day.

Chip: "I'll ask the chef to rustle up some snacks for you"

Hazel: "We have a chef now?"

Chip: "Yes and a maid".

Hazel's friends were thrilled to see what it was really like to live in the castle.

The chef and the maid have popped over from the Sylvanian Kitchen to help out.

Hazel led her friends upstairs. She pushed open her bedroom door and screamed!! The masked bandit was in her bedroom, using her sewing machine.

Hazel: "Thief!! Mum, Dad!"

The masked bandit grabbed his green material and pushed past Hazel.

Masked Bandit: "Er, thank you" as he flew out of the window!

Chip, Coco, the chef, the maid and Rocket searched the house for the masked bandit or any clues that the masked bandit may have left behind. They think that they may have been trying to make a cape with fire proof fabric.

Hazel resumed organising the baby fair with the help of her friends.

They booked a venue, food, designed advertising posters and made items to give to the babies. 

They also gossiped a lot about the masked bandit. 

Cherry: "It must be a male cheetah or something. Did you see his teeth?"

Jasmine: "No way- his ears were longer. Maybe he's a kangaroo?!

Hazel: "Whatever he is, he's dangerous, and he's an intruder".

Everybody worked together and they really enjoyed it. 

At the end of the evening they all got to try the new chef's pizza.

If anybody would like to design a wanted poster for the masked bandit please send it across to us and we'll display it. The hunt for the masked bandit is on!!

Friday, 14 December 2018

Bed time stories

The triplets: Twix, Twirl and KitKat love their bedtime stories. 

Coco: "It's time for a bedtime story little ones".

Triplets: "Yeah"!

They were already starting to feel a little bit sleepy.

Each night they climb into their tiny, little beds, wrap their duvet around them and rest their heads upon their soft pillows. Once they are warm and comfortable they enjoy listening to a bedtime story.