Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Monday, 16 April 2018

Rocket the day the bees attacked 1 of 2

Misty: "Gather round children. Now today we were supposed to have a biology test but as some of you know there's been a quick change of plan".

Pepper and Misty began smiling at the 2 young moles standing in front of them.

Pepper: "We have 2 new students joining us today so we thought it would be nice to have a field trip instead of a test".

The children cheered. 

Misty: "I'd like to introduce Tootsie- Mole and Molenstein Digglesworth to you all".

The class cheered even louder.

Pepper: "Today we're going into the forest to meet Mr Gentle Paw A.K.A. Postie as he's got some lovely honey bees to show us!"

There were a few audible gulps from the children.

Misty: "Now there's no need to panic as they won't bother you unless you're royalty. There are mystical reasons for this that we'll discuss another day. Hazel and Rocket please step forward and put on your bee suits right now so that you are safe".

Pepper: "Ah, it appears that they are not joining us today, I assume because of the bees. We'll have to tell them what they missed. Right, let's go everyone!"

Little did they know that Hazel had skipped school to go to the ballet theatre with me and Rocket was, hold on where was Rocket?!

Find out where Rocket is in Part 2

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Making a meowovelous tree tutorial

Tree materials: 
Felt, wool stuffing, rice for base of tree, sewing machine and thread, needle and thread (blanket stitch around base)

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Hazel on the day the bees attacked

Hazel had overslept and was rushing to get ready for school. 

Coco: "Hazel hurry up or you'll be late for school. I hope you packed your bag last night and studied for your biology test!" her Mother called upstairs

Hazel: "Oh no where's my bag?"

Me: "Here you go" passing Hazel her school bag

Hazel: "Thanks Sarah. I need my tutu, I'm going to the Ballet Theatre after school today"

Me: "Oh that sounds exciting".

Me: "Oh no. I've transformed into a doll again!"

Hazel: "You're in a leotard and tutu! Let's go and practise ballet!"

Me: "Oh yeah"

Hazel: "Quickly, before my mum sees you!"

Me: "You mean she doesn't know that I turn into a doll sometimes?!"

Hazel: "Mum and Dad are looking for a sorcerer to banish. They might think it's you".

Me: "Good point".

Hazel: "Run Sarah!"

Me: "I'm trying. It's so difficult when you can't bend your knees".

We rushed off to hide and enjoy practising ballet in the ballet theatre. Hazel was skipping school and I was skipping work for the day. Probably the most rebellious thing we've ever done.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The Nursery

The Carrot Family have completed the Nursery.

They are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of the triplets.

 They are now thinking of names for the triplets. Can you think of any for them?

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Daydreams and scaredy cats

Chip and Coco are finally expecting a stork to deliver babies for them very soon. They have decided to turn the TV room into the nursery. 

Coco: "Maybe a little bed over here could work?"

Chip: "I was thinking a little bit bigger for 3 babies?"
Coco: "I think they'll need more bed space!" Mmmmmm.."

Their daydreaming was interrupted when they heard cats screaming outside of the castle!

Chip: "Are you ok?"

Coco: "What's that horrid sound?"

Cat's: "We don't meow what it is".

Chip: "Quickly, come into the castle!"

Mr DaMooer: "It's the moo swarm of bees I've ever seen!"

Chip: "Everybody- get into the castle NOW!!"

The villagers ran into the castle. They were terrified.

Coco: "Where are the children?"

Cupcake: "The Magic Mayhems have taken them on a special school trip. They'll be safe with them!

Villagers: "Oh thank goodness!"

The villagers spread out around the castle looking for the swarm of bees whilst Mr DaMooer and Captain Morgan closed the castle doors.

Captain Morgan: "Is everybody in? Is everybody ok?"

Doughnut: "I'm ok I guess thanks"

Doughnut: "I think the bees are chasing something".

Doughnut kept watch from the rooftop as the swarm of bees flew past.