Friday, 14 September 2018

Part 3 - Rocket on the day the bees attacked

Veronica is a specialty pastry chef who has been invited to join the Kingdom and to open a new bakery. It's the first day of opening.

Another new arrival is Baby Buttons (non Misty cake related) who woke up really early and was super excited to visit the new bakery.

Veronica: "Good morning, you're up early!"

Apricot: "Hi, I hope it's ok Buttons has discovered your delivery cart. Somebody couldn't wait to visit your new bakery".

Buttons: Cake, cake, cake...!!!"

Veronica: "It's fine. I'm Veronica the pastry chef, come on in!"

Apricot: "Thank you. I'm Apricot, it's lovely to meet you".

Meanwhile another customer was on their way.

Buttons had been hypnotised by a delicious looking cake.

Veronica served up the cake on a plate and boxed some up for them to take home. More customers began to arrive. Can you spot them all?

Baby Buttons was so excited. She was jumping and dancing whilst eating the cake. But suddenly she was chocking and lying on the floor.

Cakes, sweets, boxes and hats went flying everywhere as everyone rushed to help. Veronica grabbed some magic dust and shouted "Magic mayhem, Magic Mayhem, Magic Mayhem" but no help arrived.

Rocket: "I'll go get help".

Seconds later the masked creature flew in carrying a Doctor!

The Doctor managed to save little Buttons's life. Yeah- everyone cheered!

Dr Jumper: "I don't understand, one second I was in the hospital, the next I was flying and now I'm here?!" He turned and saw the masked hero. "It was you, you're the real hero!"

The masked creature quickly flew out of the window.

Rocket: "I'm sorry, I couldn't find anybody. Is the baby ok?"

Veronica: "Don't worry little one, the masked bandit and the Dr saved the baby. They've gone for a check up now".

Baby Buttons received her check up.

Then apparently Dr Buttons needed to give Max a check up too.

And drive the ambulance of course!

Meanwhile Rocket, I mean the masked oh who are we kidding. Rocket had to fly really quick to make it to school on time.

He flew fast, really fast

Almost at the speed of light fast

Rocket found his school friends gathered in the woods.

Buster: "Stay calm everyone" as he lifted the lid "the bees won't sting you unless you are

Everyone: "Rocket!!!"

Buster: "Royalty so yes that would include Rocket"

Rocket screamed as the bees headed straight for him! Buster spotted him and put the lid back on but it was too late.

Rocket: "Run, everybody run"

Panic spread and everyone began to run around trying to dodge the bees that the buzzing loudly.

Buster: "Here Rocket, take my hat- it will protect you"

Jasmine had instinctively climbed the tree. She could see everything clearly.

Jasmine: "The bees are only chasing Rocket and Lucky!

Everybody else stood still. It was true. The bees were only chasing Rocket and Lucky.

Rocket: "Take the hat Lucky, it protects you from the bee stings!"

Lucky: "Stay back everyone so they don't sting you"

Pepper gathered the other school children together out of the way whilst Rocket and Lucky ran around. Lucky was wafting the bees away from Rocket and then running so they would chase her instead of Rocket.

Misty: "Enough is enough! Open the lid Buster"

Buster: "More bees will come out!!"

Misty: "Open it quickly"

Buster threw open the lid to the bee hive and more bees cam swarming out.

Misty: "I am Misty Mayhem and I command you to fly back into box from where you came" she clapped her hands and the bees swiftly flew back into the box.

Everyone was shaken up. Did that really just happen?! 

It was the end of the school day. The children began to walk home. Rocket decided to go with Lucky and her two brothers to explain to her parents what had happened. 

Lucky: "Thank you for giving me the bee hat".

Rocket: "You're welcome. I'm so sorry they chased you. I still don't understand why. Forgive me for being so rude but you're not royalty are you?"

Lucky: "Me, no definitely not. It I were a Royal that would make my brothers Royalty as well wouldn't it? However the bees didn't sting them once. Ow, I bet my fur looks awful".

Rocket: "You look bee- utiful as always"

Lucky laughed and blushed. They looked at each other cheerfully and noticed a sparkle in each others eyes that they had not noticed before. Lucky had butterflies in her stomach. She wanted Rocket to kiss her but knew that this would never happen as he was a royal and she was from a travelling circus family that had relocated from Ebay Village. Little did she know that Rocket liked her too. Rocket was tempted to hold Lucky's paw but it was so sore he decided not too.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Rocket on the day the bees attacked - Part 2 (of 3 now)

Rocket had overslept too. By the time Rocket had woken a new kitchen had been fitted.

Rocket: "I'm hungry but I'm not sure how to use the new cooker".

Coco: "Hang on sweetie pie, I'll make you something in 5 minutes but you'll be a bit late for school".

Rocket: "It's ok, no need, thanks Mum. I'll check out the new bakery on the way as I've got a test this morning".

A new bakery was opening so he thought he'd fly over to grab a quick breakfast and still make it to school on time for his test. 

Chip and Coco covered him in kisses before he ran out the door. His parents were left wondering how he was going to make it to the bakery and then to school on time but they had to prepare for 3 babies, catching a sorcerer and running the Kingdom so they didn't give it too much thought.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018