Thursday, 23 May 2019

The Wicked Witch

A few days ago I bumped into the Wicked Witch! I didn't know it at the time, she seemed so nice.

We exchanged a few pleasantries and then we both went our separate ways. I thought I heard her whispering something as I walked away but I thought nothing of it.

I spent the day chatting with Hazel. When it got late I climbed into Hazel's bed and fell asleep knowing that I would wake up a human in the real world within a few minutes.

Only this time around, I didn't! I woke up with Hazel screaming at me.

Hazel: "Sarah, wake up, wake up. It's morning and you're still here!! You look different".

Hazel was right. The sun had indeed risen and I was still in the Sylvanian realm, only I was smaller.

After freaking out for 5 mins I calmed down and gathered my thoughts. I was smaller, more doll like. I could bend my knees. I never got round to installing a toilet in the Castle bathroom and I was really wishing that I had done so!!

Hazel suggested that we grab some breakfast and then ask the Timbertops for advice. They were my oldest friends in the Kingdom.

Breakfast was delicious!!:

On our way to the Timbertops we were spotted by one of my guardians.

Yiasoo: "Whaaaat?"

The earth began to shake, it was another earthquake.

Yiasoo: "Did you go through a portal? You need to get out before it's too late".

She looked at me as if I had done something really naughty. Had I?

Me: "I'm trying. I don't know how to get back!!"

She gave us a piggy back ride to the Timbertop's house.

The Timbertop's were such lovely little bears. They gave me some really good advice:

"Be brave and be honest". I knew what I had to do.

But first I had to take a photo of us all together!!

Hazel and I made our way back to the Castle. It was time to tell the Kind and Queen....

Friday, 10 May 2019

Moving house

Me: "Doughnut, Yiasoo! The removals are here. Remember you're normal house cats that can't talk".

Yiasoo was nowhere to be seen.

Doughnut: "In a minute".

Doughnut: "Hey, why is there a giant removals truck outside our house?"

Me: "We're moving house, remember, we talked about this.."

Doughnut: "Yeah, I remember saying it was a stupid idea".

Doughnut sulked for the rest of the day. Shhhh don't tell her I showed you this photo!

The castle was unfortunately damaged during the move. You can see the castle walls coming apart.

Here you can see Hazel's wallpaper got scuffed and stretched.

Gori-Ra glue was needed from Mt Gori- Raaaaa! This meant a 2 day trek through Rocky Valley where goblins and ogres allegedly live. Before anybody could agree who should go they discovered a note from Rocket who had gone on the trip alone.

Doughnut sat by the window waiting for Rocket. Should my feline guardians go searching for Rocket? No cat had ever returned from Rocky Valley, EVER! Or should a sneaky Sylvanian search party go out?

Fortunately Rocket made it back safe and sound with the much needed Gori-ra glue before the Sylvanian search party left. Phew!

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year 2019!

These three little kitties were out partying all night. Can you tell?!

Wishing you all a terrific year ahead!!

Saturday, 22 December 2018

An extra special Christmas story - Part 2 (of 2)

Chip and Coco were getting ready for bed.

Chip: "Oh oh, oh oh. I suddenly feel a bit cold and dizzy".

Coco: "Me too"!

Chip: "I can see something white and glittery".

Coco: "It's snow! The triplets must be dreaming. They've found the secret portal to the North Pole and they're taking us with them"!

The Carrot Family had made their way through to secret portal and were now at the North Pole!! Three adorable polar bears had come to greet them.

The triplets climbed up onto the cuddly polar bears.

The polar bears set off to find Santa. 

Rocket: "Hey look everyone, it's Santa's sleigh and it's full of presents!"

An elf strolled along and greeted them!

Holly: "Hi, I'm Holly. If you're Sylvanian I'm going to take you to spend Christmas with Santa now. If you're human then I'm going to take you back through the portal so you don't miss Christmas with your friends and family. This will feel like a refreshing day dream in 3, 2, 1..."


Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

Friday, 21 December 2018

An extra special Christmas story - Part 1 (of 2)

Everyone went to Santa's Grotto today to meet Santa Claus. They were super excited and can't wait for Christmas Day!

Chip and Coco: "It's time for a bedtime story".

Kit Kat, Twirl, Twix: "Yeah!

The whole family gathered to hear their father's story.

Chip: "This is the map of Sylvania. It shows us where each Kingdom is located and the circles show where their main portal is".

Chip smiled and unfolded the map.

Chip: "There's one place that's not on the map"!

The triplets gasped!!

Twirl jumped up and down: "Santa, Santa, Santa!" 

Twirl was right, the North Pole is not on the map.

The family told each other stories about North Pole, Santa, elves and the toy workshop!

The triplets tried to figure out where the North Pole would be on the map.

Chip hung the map of Sylvania up on the nursery wall next to the little bunk beds.

Part 2 will be available tomorrow :D

A massive thankyou to Sylvanako for creating the map of Sylvania and adding Magic Mayhem on there.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Mistletoe madness

The masked bandit appeared at Lucky's window once more.

They flew to London to see all of the pretty lights and Christmas decorations.

Lucky: "Oh this is so wonderful".

Lucky loved the fact that that the masked bandit was kind and funny just like Rocket, but couldn't possibly be Rocket so it was ok for her to like him.

Masked bandit: "Look, it's mistletoe!!" He leaned in to kiss Lucky.

Lucky didn't see any mistletoe but she had been wanting to kiss him and so she did!

Monday, 17 December 2018

Flying adventures

Yiasoo spotted something and gasped.

Yiasoo: "I'd better inform the King and Queen"!

Yiasoo: "Ayoi Ayoi Ayoi" she said as she ran up the stairs quickly.

Yiasoo: "It's the masked bandit. He's out causing trouble again".

Yiasoo was right about one thing. It was certainly the masked bandit flying about outside, but causing trouble?! I'll let you decide...

Rocket has been visiting Lucky almost every night disguised as the masked bandit.

They have a lot in common and have become close friends.

Lucky: "Please tell me who you are?!"

Rocket: "I'm sorry but if I told you, you probably wouldn't want to hang around with me anymore".

They often have fun chatting and discovering new places together but Lucky really wants to know his secret.

Who could it possibly be under that mask?!