Saturday, 25 March 2017

Catch up post 7 - Through the ancient portal

The Sylvanians fought their way through the overgrown weeds and brush to discover the entrance of the ancient portal. One by one they each stepped through.

They were magically transported to a beautiful area in Grinpa, Japan. The Carrot Family admired Mount Fuji, the lake and the gorgeous cherry blossoms that surrounded them.

Hazel: "This place is beautiful but I don't understand why the magic carpet brought us here?!"

Misty appeared! She had followed them through the portal.

Misty: "Welcome to Fuji San's Well. The magic carpet has been passed down through the Royal Carrot Family since ancient times. When in need your carpet will help, guide and protect you as it is under a very powerful spell. It's curious that it has brought all of you here to this sacred place".

 One by one the Carrot family began to ask questions.

Misty: "I really shouldn't be here and I'm sorry I can't answer all of your questions. If you did have a worry or question you could always talk to Fuji San's Well. It is a magical well with powers far beyond my own. He can look inside your soul and whisper secrets. Once Fuji San's Well has given you his wisdom you will know what to do". 

Misty disappeared!

Rocket quickly ran around Fuji San's Well and clambered up. He peered into Fuji San's Well. He focused at the bottom of the Well. Bfore he had even asked his question he saw something appear at the bottom of the well. 

Rocket gasped and then a cheeky grin spread across his face.

Come back soon to find out the secrets from Fuji San's Well.

Wishing you all a wonderful day, Sarah :D

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's day!

Pierre: "Happy Valentine's day Sabrina. Je t'adore".

Sabrina: "Oooh my, you brought me some catnip and it smells so nice! Merci Pierre. Why do you keep asking me to close the door. Is it a joke? I don't get it".

Sabrina was embarrassed and confused. Pierre smiled nervously. She still has no idea that Pierre has fallen in love with her and her French is still really, really bad. 
Will Pierre continue to show his affection towards Sabrina? Probably.

Will Sabrina ever realise that Pierre loves her? It's not looking promising.

Monday, 13 February 2017

The perfect gift for Valentine's day?!

We have just had a new cat flap installed. I probably should have hoovered but I had to snap a few shots of the Sylvanians as they left on a new adventure.

Me: "Where are you all going?"

Piere: "We are going to find the perfect flower for me to give to Sabrina for Valentines day".

Me: "That's sounds like fun- enjoy".

One by one the Sylvanians climbed up their little ladder and disappeared into the forest.

They found some beautiful flowers but Pierre didn't like any of them.

Jasmine: "How about this flower?"

Pierre: "No, sorry it has to be perfect- that way Sabrina will know how I feel about her".

They couldn't find a flower that Pierre liked and so they left empty handed. Pierre was feeling sad and everyone was tired. They came back here to ask for help when Pierre spotted something.

Pierre: "That's it- it's perfect. Sabrina will love it and then she'll know that I'm in love with her".

He jumped up onto the window sill and quickly climbed up one of my plants.

Pierre's friends were worried.

Buster: "They are not flowers, they are leaves".

Pierre didn't listen. He was so excited, he grabbed a leaf and climbed back down with it.

Chester: "Eeeww it's stinky- put it back".

Jasmine: "Your french exchange will end soon and you will have to go back to Paris. Are you sure you want to give Sabrina a stinky leaf before you leave?"

Pierre: "I think it smells gorgeous".

Pierre's friends were shocked.

Do you think Sabrina will like Pierre's Valentine's Day gift? 

Find out tomorrow!

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Catch up post 6 - The sleeping giant

The magic carpet dropped the Sylvanians right in front of my gorgeous little guardian, Doughnut. She was fast asleep in front of an arch way with mysterious looking writing etched into it. 

Chip: "It looks like an ancient Sylvanian portal".

Hazel: "Why is Doughnut guarding it?"

Coco: "I'm not sure but we'll have to sneak around her somehow".

Me: "Doughnut, Doughnut would you like some fish sticks?"

Doughnut: "Whahnsddrefplhhaar?!"

The Sylvanians sneaked past the guardian. Flowers began to blossom on the portal, it was activating. Doughnut was still half asleep and didn't notice.

Doughnut: "You have got to be kitten me! You wake me up in the afternoon for a fish stick? I want 1000 fish sticks. Oh, we are so now even for me regularly meowing in your ear at 4am!"

Me: "Oh I don't know about that?!"

Doughnut: "And you're not to tell anybody else about the gift I gave you".

Me: "You mean the half eaten mouse that you left in my boot right before my interview?"

Doughnut: "It was a good luck gift- you were meant to eat it, not squish it with your foot!"

Me: "Eeeeugh- I mean er thanks?!"

Doughnut: "Meh".

The Sylvanians used the distraction to make their way through the portal. Little did they know the Magic Mayhems had arrived and were watching their every move.

The portal was really old and the portal entrance itself was covered with ivy. Rocket fought his way through and one by one the Carrot Family disappeared through the ancient portal. 

Next time - We'll see where the portal leads...

Yes I am a really bad cat mum and I did accidentally wake Doughnut up whilst taking these photos. Usually she snores through all kinds of noises and distractions. She did get lots of treats, several extra massages, cuddles and spent the afternoon on my lap afterwards as she is a much loved member of our family so don't feel too bad for her.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Catch up post 5 of several - The magic continues

It was a day like any other in the Carrot Castle. Rocket and Hazel were fighting over who got to watch their favourite TV show (this happens every week). 

Hazel: "You watched you silly space programme last week. It's my turn to watch The Sewing Bunny this week".

Rocket: "That's not fair fluff tail- your friends were talking so much I missed most of it!" 

Chip: "Stop that right now. You two should be ashamed of yourselves. You are the Prince and Princess of the Kingdom! Your mother isn't feeling well, and all you two can do is fight. Rocket- Go to your room, you can watch your TV show next week. Hazel you get to watch your TV show this week but the next time your friends are here you leave Rocket to watch his space thingy in peace!"

Hazel and Rocket: "Yes father- we're sorry".

Hazel was sat by herself watching her show when she noticed that the rug was moving. 

Hazel: "Agh, Mum, Dad, Rocket, aaaaagh help" she screamed!

Rocket, Chip and Coco came running to Hazel's rescue. 

Coco: "Oh my goodness- you're, you're..." she couldn't find the words.

Rocket: "It's a flying carpet!"

Rocket rolled underneath to check that it really was a magic carpet.

Coco: "Oh no- what do we do?! Magic is bad, we could be banished from our own kingdom!?"

Rocket thought about this for a second to himself as he had recently discovered that he is magickal himself. Was this magic carpet his fault?!

Everyone: "Magic Mayhem, Magic Mayhem, Magic Mayhem" they cried but nobody appeared. 

Chip: "The Magic Mayhems gave us this rug for a reason. They saved it from the fire remember. They must have known that it's a flying carpet".

Coco: "Everybody on- let's find out for ourselves".

They all jumped onto the flying carpet. It got higher and higher and then veered towards the window.

Find out where the magic carpet takes them next time :D

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Catch up posts - 4 of several

I began to tell the Carrot Family all about the strange dreams that I had been having.

Rocket: "I think the Mayhems should hear this".

Coco: "Magic Mayhem, Magic Mayhem, Magic Mayhem"!


I began again, telling everyone about my bizarre Sylvanian dreams.

Me: "It usually begins something like this":

A voice whispers - push!

Me: "I climb up the ladder".

Everyone stared at me in silence. Chip dropped a slice of bread of the floor as he was so shocked.

Before he had the chance to pick it up a little bird flew down and started to eat it.

Pepper: Have you met any E.T's?

Me: "Nope" but I had forgotten about the one I met in London that opened up the portal.

Pepper: "Ok. Please tell us more".

Me: "I've seen":

A city:

A shiny new bakery?!:

Darleks trying to attack Chip:


A village


A chocolate factory:



Me: "A 10 ft alligator that chases Captain Morgan, Tartan school dresses and I always wake up when Wolfy eats too much and starts being sick everywhere"!

Misty: "Seems as though you've seen one of our portals, some of our villages, our missions, holidays and some stuff I'm not even sure of!"

Pepper: "I always thought Old Morgan had made up that story of the 10ft alligator that ate his shoe"!

They were laughing curiously when Hazel ran in with her friends Buttercup and Lucky.

Hazel: "Do you like our new uniforms? We heard school was opening up soon so we picked these up just now". 

There was an eerie silence. 

Lucky: "I brought you a lolly pop" she smiled as she handed it to Rocket".

Wolfy turned up unexpectedly!

Wolfy: "Oooh sandwiches. I suppose I could eat a little bit more. Can I have one please?"

"Noooo" - everybody screamed. Wolfy looked sad, he loved eating.

He looked down at his feet wondering what he had done wrong when he spotted the little blue tit tucking into the slice of bread.

Wolfy: "How come this little fellow gets some but I don't".

Me: "It's a long story Wolfy, I'll start at the beginning...