Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Doughnut doesn't waste any time. She spotted the presents first and started to rip, chew and bite her way into her presents.
Doughnut: "Presents! Santa brought us presents!"
Here you can see Chip, Coco, Hazel, Rocket, Yiasoo and Doughnut opening Christmas presents. Yiasoo and Doughnut received toys and treats.

Rocket got a skateboard. Hazel got a bike. Chip and Coco received a TV set.
Everybody: "Thank you Santa".
Merry Christmas everybody :)

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Santa Claws is coming to town

The Carrot Family have been getting along really well with the Guardians.
You can see all six of them fast asleep together here.
It's been an unlikely friendship.

Santa and one of Santa's Elves have been out and about checking the naughty list.
Santa: (Gasp) Sylvanians and Guardians are friends?! This goes against all of the ancient laws.
Santa's Elf: "Mmmmm".
Are the Sylvanians and the Guardians on the naughty list this year? Will they wake to find presents or lumps of coal in their stockings on Christmas Day?

Saturday, 20 December 2014

A new life

The Carrot Family have been living here. I've said they can stay as long as they want. They are getting used to having two guardian cats and two humans as friends. It's been really good fun.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

The return of Wolfy

Wolfy has done a very bad thing. Whilst Rocket and the Guardians were sleeping he sneaked into the room. He crept up towards Rocket quickly and quietly.

Then he grabbed Rocket and squished him into his large, black bag.
Wolfy: "Now I can take my revenge".
Rocket: "Help. I haven't done anything wrong. MAGIC MAYHEM, MAGIC MAYHEM, MAGIC MAYHEM"!

Suddenly a magic portal appeared!
Then a monkey jumped out of the portal, but he quickly vanished into thin air.

Next a hot air balloon popped out of the portal. It was carrying a Sylvanian rabbit.
Coco: "Agh- Help. There's a Guardian!
Yiasoo: "Agh- A Sylvanian! Hey, you look like you could be Rocket's Mum. Go save Rocket- Quick"!

Rocket's Mum flew over to Wolfy and quickly grabbed the big, black bag. Wolfy ran away. Two more hot  air balloons popped out of the portal, it was Rocket's dad and sister.

Here you can see the Carrot family. (Coco, Rocket, Chip and Hazel- from left to right).
Chip: "Quick. We need to leave. There are Guardians here that will eat us".
Rocket: "It's ok Dad. Yiasoo and Doughnut are my friends. They have been looking after me. I also have two human friends as well. They make delicious carrot soup"...
Hazel: "How did we get here?"
Rocket: "Wolfy captured me so I called Magic Mayhem for help".
Coco: "We saw the Magic Mayhem Monkeys. They created a magic portal for us so we could get here quickly".
I have just made the family some carrot soup and some sleeping bags so they can get some rest.
Thank you for all of your kind comments. I love reading them and they motivate me to write more about the little guys that have moved in with me.