Thursday, 24 December 2015

The best party ever - Part 2

Doughnut, Mr DaMooer and Ruby were first to return but they were too tired to talk.

The others soon returned along with a grey bear family of 5.

Me: "The Timbertop Bears! I remember you. We used to play together when I was a little girl".

The Timbertops: "Hi, thanks for looking after us. It's so good to see you all grown up!".

The Sylvanians looked stunned. 

Wolfy: "Mr DaMooer, myself, Daisy and the Timbertops were best friends when we were kids. We got separated after a guinea pig apocalypse many years ago". 

The Sylvanians chatted to each other. They were so happy to see the Timbertop Family but the Timbertops were sad to hear Wolfy's news. 

Wolfy: "Daisy would have liked to have seen you again".

It was a lot for everybody to take in.

Coconut decided to gather all of the babies together to sing Twinkle Twinkle little star together. They sang beautifully.

Afterwards the Sylvanians decided to play some games. Wolfy challenged 30 Sylvanians to a game of tug of war.

Wolfy won effortlessly as he was so strong. 


Wolfy): Let's play Daisy's favourite game!

The crowd cheered. I heard the Sylvanians laughing and heard them mention "sock roll". To my amusement I watched them pick teams and use MY socks to climb into. (If you ever find stray socks around your house, this is probably the reason why).

We all laughed and cheered as the teams rolled around as they tried to get close to their team leader.

Taylor's team won and Wolfy looked so happy. 

Wolfy: "Daisy would have loved this".

Hazel: "Please follow us outside Wolfy".

Once outside the Sylvanians revealed hundreds of tiny lanterns. 

Hazel: "We've written our goodbye messages inside the lanterns" as she handed one to Wolfy.

Coconut began to sing Twinkle Twinkle softly.

The Sylvanians released their lanterns and watched as they floated up into the night sky until the moon was surrounded by them. Wolfy was holding onto his lantern tightly. He didn't want to let go. He wanted to see Daisy one more time. Hazel held his hand and he released his lantern. It floated up towards the moon alongside the other lanterns. Everyone stood staring at the moon, listening to Coconut singing.

Daisy's face appeared on the moon. She smiled and then disappeared. Wolfy howled and howled and then howled some more. 

Wolfy: "Thank you everybody. This really was the best party ever".

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The best party ever - Part 1

A while ago I had wished that Ruby (Mr Damooer's horse) would throw the Sylvanians could have the best party ever with the help of some magic wishing dust. Since then, the party has transformed into a memorial in honour of Daisy. Today is the day for the memorial and I'm a bit worried how my wish is going to change things....

The villagers arrived, a little earlier than expected. The Royal Family were shocked to be welcomed to the event by Ruby, Mr DaMooer and Wolfy. 

Mr DaMooer: "Wolfy insisted on planning the event with him".

Wolfy: "Daisy wouldn't want to see us being sad. Instead I think we should have a fun party to celebrate her life and the friends that we have. Like the good old days?!"

The villagers began to cheer :)

Everybody: "Like the good old days".

Wolfy was clearly excited. He didn't give the Royals a chance to speak.

Wolfy: "But first of all a surprise for you!"

                       Wolfy: "Some furniture crafted by Rainbow Rev and his son Marley!"

The Royal family were speechless. Rocket and Hazel tested out their new chairs. Queen Coco began to cry as she was so happy. (She's been sitting on the carpet and sleeping in a sleeping bag for quite a few months now). Wolf was so happy he gave Coco a big smile that showed all of his teeth!

King Chip: "Thank you, we weren't expected any of this".

Wolfy and Mr DaMooer unloaded some instruments from the cart and the villagers began to chatter. I heard someone say "best party ever" and it was beginning to look that way. I crossed my fingers.

Pierre the french exchange student began to play a catchy tune on the piano which got everybody tapping their feet. He is very talented. Unfortunately the happy beat soon turned into a slow, tearful number as Pierre was filled with sorrow. He felt sorry for Wolfy, he missed the village that burnt down and he knew that his family would be worried as he had no way of getting a message to Paris. 

He stopped playing and burst into tears. Sabrina (member of his host family) hugged him tightly.

Pierre: "If only there was a phone or something...".

There was a loud bang and a British telephone appeared. The phone was ringing. 

 Pierre: "Bonjour?"

It was Pierre's family on the phone. 

He chatted to them and then jumped out of the booth and kissed Sabrina on the cheek. This made Sabrina blush as everyone was watching.

Pierre: "Merci Sabrina, you are my light. I have been too shy to say this but since this is supposed to be the best party ever I will roll my chance with it. Sabrina je t'adore.

Some of the sylvanians gasped. 

Sabrina: "Shut the door yourself!"

Sabrina's French is not very good and she had never noticed that Pierre had fallen in love with her during his time staying with the host family. The emotions were too overwhelming and my eyes quickly filled with tears. A mixture of emotions were running through me. Guilt and sorrow for Wolfy, pity for Pierre, a love for Sabrina's sweet naivety, grateful to have met such sweet creatures and sad because I was going to miss them when we leave Germany. 

Rocket: "I think that British telephone may have been a sign of things to come".

I nodded. I knew that I would be moving to England soon.

Rocket: "For ALL of us" he chirped.

I was confused.

                                                    Rocket: "We're coming with you!".

Me: "You're moving to England with us?"

King and Queen Carrot: "If that's ok with you of course?. Some strange magic has brought us together, it would be silly to say goodbye so soon. Let's have an adventure! What do you say?

At this point I just balled like a baby. 

The Magic Mayhems began to serve some of their delicious home baked treats which to everyones delight was magically multiplying. Wolfy was dancing and singing and kept shouting "best party ever!"

The villagers ate cake, started to play musical instruments and were happily dancing and chatting to each other.

Everyone began to chant "best party ever, best party ever" when they heard a loud shriek come from Misty who was serving cakes. Everybody froze. (Had they run out of cake?)

Wolfy, Chip and Coco ran to see what had happened.

Misty: "I just had a sort of vision. Something or someone is in the portal. 

Mr DaMooer: "So what's the moo?"

Misty: "The elderly are still on their cruise in Spain, everybody else is here. So what's in the tunnel?".

The mood changed as an eery silence filled the air.

Wolfy, Chip, Captain Morgan and Pepper ran towards the portal, towards danger.

Doughnut, my sweet little guardian quickly followed, leaving the rest of us waiting in silence.

What's in the tunnel?! Find out in Part 2.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Boxes and boxes of even more boxes

Sylvanians: "Oooo boxes- how exciting. Let's explore and see what's in them!"

Me: "Erm, everyone I have something to tell you. My husband has to move to England for work so we'll be moving out soon. I've already quit my job. We'll be leaving very soon. I wish we didn't have to leave. We're really going to miss you!"

The adults gathered together quickly. They looked worried but I couldn't hear what they were saying. Yiasoo walked casually alongside them trying to listen to their conversation, but she couldn't hear what they were saying.

Doughnut tried a less subtle approach, but even she missed what they were talking about.

I'm sure we'll find out what they were discussing soon.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Unveiling the truth - Part 3

The villagers gathered for the King and Queen's announcement.

Some were from nearby villagers who had also escaped. Many were from Ebay Village were injured and had undergone Magical Surgery which had resulted in things such as glitter ears (I don't usually deface my Sylvanians). The families introduced themselves to each other and waited patiently to hear the news.

Nothing could have prepared them for this kind of news though.

King Chip: "Thank you all for coming. I've gathered you here today to discuss a misunderstanding." 

Queen Coco: "It is not an easy thing to tell the children but something which you all must hear." 

King Chip: "A few years ago Wolfy was married to a young wolf named Daisy. They lived down by the lake. The toddlers in our village enjoyed playing games with Wolfy and Daisy. They played hide and seek, tag and the children's favourite- knock a door run." 

A few of the children began to nod as they remembered Daisy and were very fond of her.

Queen Coco: "One hot, summers day Wolfy devised a trick for the toddlers so that when they knocked on the door a bucket of water would fall on them.

King Chip: "Unfortunately the toddlers never visited that day. Wolfy's wife Daisy came home and knocked on the door. The water fell on her head and she lost her balance. She fell into the lake but...."

Wolfy: "She can't swim. My Daisy is dead".

All of the children gasped.

Queen Coco: "We didn't know how to tell the children, so we didn't."

Wolfy: "They didn't know?! I didn't know that. I thought they were just mean."

King Chip: "We thought Wolfy needed time alone after the tragic accident so we told the children not to visit for a while. Wolfy thought that the children were mean because they stopped going to see him and have begun gossiping about him. The children thought Wolfy was mean and scary because you kidnapped them. It's a huge misunderstanding"

Everybody began to cry. It was a very sad day.

King Chip: "The party will go ahead but it will be a party to honour Daisy. I want you all to go home, eat and get some rest."

Wolfy howled and continued to cry.

The villagers left in silence. The truth had been unveiled.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Unveiling the truth... Part 2 (of 3)

Wolfy and Hazel magically appeared. Wolfy was crying and it looked as if Hazel was trying to comfort him.

 Captain Morgan: "Let her go Wolfy. You know kidnapping the Princess is a crime punishable by death."

Wolfy: "I know, I know, I'm so sorry."

Bambi: "Wolfy tried to kidnap the Prince a few months ago."

Hazel: "Ssshh Wolfy, calm down. Everything will be ok."

Captain Morgan quickly lunged forward and grabbed Hazel's hand.

Captain Morgan: "Come with me quickly Princess." Hazel refused the Captain's help.

The King and Queen arrived via a portal.

Chip and Coco ran to hug their daughter.

The King (Chip): "You're in so much trouble this time Wolfy".

Wolfy wimpered and looked down at his hairy feet.

Hazel: "Please don't hurt him. It's not his fault. There's been a terrible misunderstanding."

The Queen (Coco): "But he's kidnapped Rocket, now you, and he's put the whole village in danger."

Hazel told her parents what had happened. 

Chip and Coco: "A Royal announcement will be made regarding Wolfy once everybody had arrived. In the meantime nobody is to harm Wolfy. Find somewhere to sleep and get some rest."

Doughnut kindly let the Sylvanians share her new bed. They snuggled up together and fell asleep wondering what had really happened and why the Royal Family were protecting Wolfy after the terrible things that he had done.

To be continued...

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Unveiling the truth - Part 1 of 3

I hadn't seen any new Sylvanians for quite some time. And just when I least expected a new face appeared.

Captain Morgan: "Ahoy there matey, I'm Captain Morgan. Can you see me?"

Me: "Er, yes, er good morning".

Captain Morgan: "Stand back, there are more coming through them pipes girl". 

I watched in surprise as a family of five dropped out of the tap!

Captain Neptune: "Where did the water go?! Aha we're here. Look there she is- it's true- these humans can see us!"

Captain Neptune: "Hello. I'm Captain Neptune and this is Captain Morgan. Behind me is my family, my wife Maria, my son Kai, my daughter Coral and our newest edition Star. The Magic Mayhems sent us though the plumbing system to you- they hoped you might lead us to the Royal Family and ensure safe passage."

Me: "Of course but they are not in. Bambi is here. She probably knows more than I do. Follow me".

We passed Yiasoo on the way and she politely introduced herself.

The Sylvanians climbed the bookshelves quickly and began chatting with Bambi. I spotted them looking at the cat bed as they climbed. It must be a shock for them to see that a Guardian is guarding Sylvanians for once.

Bambi: "The Carrot Family left with the Magic Mayhems over a week ago. Nobody has arrived for weeks- something must be wrong!"

Maria: "It's Wolfy- he's gone mad. He's blocking the tunnels and the portals. The Magic Mayhems sent us through the pipes to get here!"

Bambi: "Wow- through the pipes. That's cool. Only problem is how do we stop Wolfy so that everyone can pass through. The Magic Mayhems must have used up all of their magic. I don't have any wishing dust. Do you?"

Me: "Erm, I have some." 

The magic vial heated up in my hand once more and then BANG!

To be continued...

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Sssshhh can you keep a secret??!

I've saved up and bought the doll house that the Sylvanians wanted to get for the Carrot Family. Here's the progress I've made so far:

As you can see I've still got a lot more to do before it's anywhere near ready. Once I've finished painting the outside I'm going to wallpaper the interior, lay some carpets down, then glue it all together. Once that's done I'll be able to give it to the Sylvanians. 

It'll probably take me a few months to complete but I imagine it would take a few years for the Sylvanians to build. I can't wait to see their little faces light up but shhh it's going to be a surprise for them!