Saturday, 28 February 2015

An early wake up call

At 6am the doorbell rang.

Yiasoo: "Postie!"
Although my cats don't say much it still makes me jump when they talk.

I opened the door but I couldn't see anybody. I looked down and spotted something on the mat.

It was a Sylvanian Postman!

Romeo the Postman: "Hi, I'm Romeo. I have an urgent letter and parcel for the Royal Carrot Family."
Me: "Royal?"
Romeo the Postman: "Yes, I believe the King, Queen, Prince and Princess Carrot are staying here?"
Me: "You'd better come in."

Me: "Did anybody see you?"
Romeo the Postman: "No. I rang every flat in this area to find you- you're the only ones who can see us."

I cringed at the thought of my angry neighbours being awoken by what they probably assumed was knock a door runners.

Chip and Coco: "Hi Romeo. It's so good to see you! What news do you have?
Romeo: Bowing down "I have this urgent letter and parcel for you."

Chip and Coco read the letter.

My husband: "Guys, are you really royalty?!"
Rocket: "Told you we should have told them."
Chip and Coco: "Er yes I guess we are but we're still the same old rabbits."

Chip opened the parcel.

Chip: "Gather round everybody."
We gathered around the Sylvanians and Chip began to talk.
Chip: "The Mayhems have sent these to us. Our village, Cinnamon Valley has completely burnt to the ground but everybody has survived. Our neighbouring village, Ebay Village also caught fire. The Mayhems are nursing the sick and will be sending survivors in our direction. We have emergency cooking and fishing supplies. We will need to help the survivors by feeding them and finding new homes. We also have one magic vial of blue dust for emergencies."

My husband: "What's the magic dust for?"
Coco: "That's er for er"
Chip: "It's a wishing powder- it's for emergencies only. We probably won't need it."

Coco: Will it be ok for Sylvanians to come here to eat some food please? We'll find them homes somewhere else."
Me and my husband: "Of course. We'd love to meet more of you".

Chip: "Great! Who wants to go fishing?"

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sylvanian games

Sylvanians love to play games. This afternoon they have been playing hide and seek:
Doughnut: "One, two, fish sticks, five, ten, twenty - Ready or not here I come!"

The Carrot Family are hiding amongst my soft toys. Can you find all four of them?

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Busy little bees

After working away for a while I returned home to see this:

The Carrot Family are chocolatiers and had made some chocolate with extra
sprinkles and some chocolate beer for my return.

Woo hoo - I love Sylvanians!