Sunday, 29 March 2015

Sylvanian hoop art - Sewing project

This week I've been busy creating my very own Sylvanian hoop art to hang on my craft room wall. I've cut out felt shapes and then carefully sewn them onto some pretty fabric. I'm really pleased with the result! 

Here's a close up of my stitching:

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Fire in the hole!

Today I went to my friends house for a cup of tea. She lives in a small house just down the road from me. Everything was completely normal until I spotted this:

Bert: "Fire in the hole! I'm in position- turn the water on".

Water began to trickle out of the fire engine's hose.

Bert clearly didn't understand that humans have fires in their homes. I began talking to my friend- hoping that Bert would hear me.

Me: "This fire is so lovely. It's nice that we can control a fire in our homes, turning them up and down, on and off whenever we want so that we can keep warm."

My friend: "Er yeah, beats being cold!"

Bert: "Eh?"

It was too late!

Water shot out of the hose and onto the fire with great speed and power.

Bert: "Stop the water! Stop the water!"

It was far too late. Most of the flames had died out already. I couldn't help but laugh as my friend reacted with horror as the fire gradually died.

My friend: "Well that was a bit spooky."
Bert: "Can you see me?"
Me: "Yeah, yeah it was almost as if there were someone trying to put out the fire- ha ha ha".

We mopped up the water and let the area dry.
Bert: "I don't believe it. Say sausages if you can see me."
Me: Oh sausages! Look at the time. I'd best be going but it was lovely to see you and I'll speak to you soon. Drop round at mine for a cup of tea some time." I said as I looked at Bert.
Bert gasped!

The Sylvanian villagers have started to arrive. I can't wait to meet more!