Friday, 17 April 2015

Wolfy and Mr Damooer Part 2

Chip: "Mr Damooer is... SNORING! He's fast asleep."

Chip shook Farmer John until he woke up.

Farmer John: "Chip - what's going moo?"

Chip: "You gave us all quite a scare".

Farmer John sat up and everybody gathered around.

Farmer John: "Well I was sat on moo cart in the field chopping up some fruit to make some moo jam. It's fruit juice- not blood on me!"

Farmer John: "Anyway Wolfy dropped by to say moo for giving him food. We drank a bottle of moo together. He was very sad, said he moo have frightened the kids again. He mentioned the welcome party and I guess I fell asleep after moo."

 Hazel: "But how did you end up here Mr Damooer?"

Farmer John: "Well there was mention of a party. I'm guessing somebody got a little overexcited and raced down here?!"

Everybody turned and looked at Ruby. 

Ruby smiled a sweet, innocent smile and everybody laughed. 

Coco: "Awww Ruby. Yes we're going to have a party when everybody gets here. Why don't you help me to plan it?!"

Ruby: "Yeigh".

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Wolfy and Mr Damooer - Part One

There was a loud racket this afternoon, as Ruby came running through the flat. Rocket and Hazel ran to see what was the matter.

Hazel: What's wrong Ruby?

But Ruby was too exhausted to talk. She turned her head towards the carriage.

Hazel and Rocket ran to the back of the carriage. They spotted a knife on the floor and Mr Damooer covered in blood!

Rocket: "Oh no".

Rocket: "It must have been Wolfy!"

They imagined what had happened:

Chip and Coco had heard the noise and arrived quickly. Chip shook Mr Damooer.

Mr Damooer murmured: "Wolfy was moo...".

In their heads, they could all see what had happened:

Coco: "No- this can't be happening".

Hazel & Rocket: "We told you Wolfy is evil!"

Chip listened to Mr Damooer's breathing and took his pulse.

Chip: "Mr Damooer is...."

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Ice cream, ice cream, we all scream ...

Today I was delighted because more cute, cheerful Sylvanians arrived. It was the perfect distraction from studying that I needed.

The Lotus Flowers had arrived in a very nice vintage car. Bambi Yoga Flower, the fitness instructor had arrived on her quad bike. Mr and Mrs Twinkle Toes had arrived in their ice cream van and had brought the Buttercup family with them.

The Carrot family joined us and we all enjoyed some rather scrumptious ice cream together. The women (from left to right); Snow, Honey, Blossom & Coco began to plan a welcome party for the Sylvanians, me & my husband and the Guardians (Yiasoo & Doughnut).

Jasmine helped Snuffles to make the ice cream cones. She had always wanted to work in an ice cream van and took great delight in whipping one up for the King. 

Oscar, Fuzzy and Chip discussed housing and food for the new arrivals. 

Bambi was showing the kids Boo Boo and his sister Bon Bon how to ride her quad bike. All of the children looked up to Bambi as their big sister. This is because she had lived with each family at some point or another. Bambi was found when she was a baby floating down the Cinnamon Valley River, all of the Sylvanians have taken it in turns to look after her ever since. 

Carrot, Chester and Hazel were busy chattering away about how they had arrived and debating whether or not to have a second ice cream. 

Yiasoo: "Danger!! Wolfy is here - run!!' 

Panic struck! Ice creams were dropped. Children screamed. Adults froze. The children began to run.

Boo Boo; "I'm going to run him over!"

Oscar: "No son, it's not the Sylvania way!"

Instead Chip and Coco gave Wolfy a basket full of food as the adults stood by in silence. Wolfy took the basket, snarled at the children and ran off.

All of the children were in shock.

Rocket: "I can't believe it. Wolfy kidnaps me and my parents give him food?!"

Boo Boo: "They even gave him fruit punch. Why give him the good stuff?"

Hazel: "I thought farmer John was going to do something to stop Wolfy?"

Bambi: "Where is Farmer John?"

Chester, Fuzzy, Bon Bon: "What is going on?"

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Something fishy

This afternoon Farmer John arrived with a cart full of Sylvanians!

Farmer John: "I picked up the Marigolds and spotted Chip and Romeo down by the lake. Moo, twas a big fish that one!"

Matilda: Thanks to Mr Damooer they were able to pull it out of the water without being dragged in. 

Farmer John: "Ah, they'd be moo de moo yo know."

Everybody giggled as they got off the cart and hugged their loved ones. Sometimes it was really difficult to understand Farmer John but he was always really nice.

Carrot sat down next to Romeo, who waved his food around in the air as he told them all about the great fishing adventure. Bert who I had seen the other day on a fire truck was here with his wife Sally and their daughters, Matilda and Baby Sparkle.

Matilda and Hazel sneaked off to groom Ruby, Farmer John's horse who looked exhausted after her long trip. The rest of the Sylvanians started to grill the fresh fish from the fishing trip and some of Farmer John's delicious vegetables.

Chip: "How did you manage to overtake everybody on your horse and cart?"

Farmer John: "Well I moo about the".

Before he could finish his sentence there was a horrendous howl that shook that land. 

All of the children: "Aaagh - Wolfy!!!"

The adults froze and looked sad.

Coco: "That's the third time today."

Carrot: "He might come back and eat me!"

Chip spoke to Farmer John not realising that Hazel and Matilda could hear them as they were standing behind Ruby.

Chip: "Let's go and deal with Wolfy."

Farmer John: "You're tired. I'll go by moo sen. I'll moo Wolfy tonight. Stay moo and protect moo kids. 

Hazel and Matilda told Carrot what they had heard.

Carrot: "What is Farmer John going to do to Wolfy?"

Matilda: "I don't know but this definitely sounds"

Baby Sparkle waved her fish in the air and shouted "Fishy".

Everybody laughed.