Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Sylvanian test

Most people can't see Sylvanians. For some unknown reason myself and my husband are able to see them. One thing that we have noticed about Sylvanians is that you can often hear or feel them before you spot them. So we have created a test for you to try to see if you might have any Sylvanians living secretly in your home. Want to try the test!?

Sylvanian detection test

1. Do you want to scratch your body somewhere? Sylvanians love to climb up and down, in and out, under and over, and to explore. This will often result in an itchy sensation. In the photo above, my leg is itching because I have a Sylvanian climbing up my trouser leg. If you can feel an itching sensation, try to resist as you may knock a poor little Sylvania over. They will climb up your legs, up and down your back, dance on your neck, swing off your hair and may even scratch your face when trying to climb on top of your head. 

2. Can you hear anything unusual? Listen very carefully and you might just hear their little footsteps as they run around your home. They may accidentally knock things over or bang into things. The strange sounds can really get under your skin and make you want to scratch your head and think "did I just hear something" and "did the wind blow that over or did a Sylvanian?".

This test is meant as a bit of fun to see if you have real life Sylvanians living in your home. If you don't feel the itchy sensation of a Sylvania climbing over your body or hear any strange little sounds then please stay alert and try the test again later - maybe they are sleeping or maybe they live next door!?

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sylvanian fun

Having Sylvanians living in my home is very entertaining. They are so cheerful and adventurous. This afternoon Matilda, Chester and Jasmine came over to play.

We enjoyed watching the children have fun as they explored different things around the flat. 

The Sylvanians love to climb on anything and everything! Rocket is a very quick little climber. Chester is helping his sister to climb up onto the wooden huts:

They found a book on birds and told stories about their encounters with different ones. The stories were quite scary as birds want to catch and eat Sylvanians! As they are so tiny they are often hunted by larger creatures- poor things. 

Here's Jasmine balancing on a marble. She was doing quite well until Chip shouted "it's tea time". 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Mini cake shop kit progress

I've been slowly working on this mini doll kit for my Sylvanians. They are still homeless- eek! Here are some snap shots of the kit. It's supposed to be a navy and white cake shop but as you can see from the funky colours- I improvised a little :)

I bought the kit for 10 GBP on eBay. It comes with everything you need to build the cake shop and it comes with English instructions as well as Chinese but all I needed was the pictures. I'm not sure how I'm going to fix the light and hinges together yet, but I'll worry about those bits last.

As you can see from what's in my hand- it comes in the form of tiny bits of wood, beads, wire, strips of fabric etc. It's up to you to piece everything together. It's very time consuming but lots of fun.

And the best part is that everything except the cake stand fits my Sylvanians quite well. I have placed my hand made cake stand next to a Sylvanian one so you can see the size difference.

If you want to see a beautiful kit home that's been completed please check out Aeternum Somnium's house for the Brighfieild's. It's so inspiring:

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Sylvania beach huts and storage

I bought this cute little row of wooden huts. By pulling the white door knobs you can pull out small drawers which I figured would be perfect for storing some Sylvanian accessories and doubling up as beach huts for them.

I revamped it a bit by adding a splash of colour. Voila!: