Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Done and dusted

I arrived home this afternoon and spotted Ruby in my spot. 
She was pacing again. She had been doing this a lot lately. 

 Me: "What's up Ruby?

Ruby: "I'm worried about the party. Not everybody has arrived yet and my only idea so far is to provide lots of carrots. I can't think straight when all I can think about is why everybody hasn't arrived yet. Something must be wrong. Er, hang on. Why aren't you at work?"

Me: "I got made redundant- the company closed down. Oooo I've got a brilliant idea. Wait here for a second" I squealed.

I came back with the wishing powder that the Mayhems had sent and thought about what I would wish for. 

A wish so that all of the Sylvanians would arrive safely and that Ruby would throw the best party ever?! The vile suddenly grew hot in my hand. Ruby spotted the wishing powder- her face instantly filled with fear.

Ruby fell to the ground. I dropped the vile and reached out to help her. When I looked up a building with some cute little monkeys in it had magically appeared. 

The little yellow door flung open and a little voice shouted. 
Coconut: "Coconut! I'm a little coconut and you are BIG!! Mama, Papa look- it's a giant".

The other monkeys made their way outside.

Pepper: "My apologies., our little Coconut has just learnt to talk and is already getting up to mischief. You must be Sarah and you must be Ruby. I'm Pepper. This is my wife Misty and our newborn is baby Mango. We are the Magic Mayhems".

Ruby: (Jaw to the ground speechless)

Coconut: "Horsey".

Me: "It's a pleasure to meet you all".

Coconut: "Oooolf, bad ooolf".

Pepper: "Here- please enjoy some cake that we've just made".

Coconut: "Yummy cake".

I picked up a teeny, tiny slice of cake to eat and just when I thought the situation couldn't get any weirder Ruby decided to speak.

Ruby: "Sarah made a (mumble)".

Misty: "Sarah made a wish. We know. We've come to let you know that everybody is safe and that we're going to bake cakes for the party. We have to go now, but we'll see you very soon at the party. Bye".

And just like that they were gone.