Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sylvanian aquabeads - 2

Here is what you get in the Sylvanian aquabeads set- along with some beads (which I've already used).

Friday, 28 August 2015

The perfect distraction - Aquabeads

Spotted this Sylvanian aqua beads set in a shop. How could I possibly resist?

It doesn't come with the tray and I discovered it really does need one for the beads to join properly.

It's also best to do it on the floor if you have any guardians. Doughnut flipped the tray then ran away when it started to rain beads inside the flat!

Here are some familiar faces created today by Hazel and Jasmine. I'm not sure what to do with them but I think they look really cute.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

The mystery of the missing carrots

Finally discovered why there are never any carrots in the fridge! I did say make yourselves at home and help yourself to anything, I guess. 

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Special delivery - Part 2

Everybody jumped onto the bed so that I could carry them quickly to the computer.

Me: "Hold on tight!"

Yiasoo was sat in my chair (again).

Yiasoo: "A snack for moi?".

Romeo and Coconut fainted.

Me: "Yiasoo shame on you. These are guests".

Romeo and Coconut recovered.

Coconut walked bravely up to Yiasoo and shouted "Bad kitty".

Yiasoo: "I'm sorry. I'm so used to protecting my humans. Please forgive me".

I placed the Sylvanians in front of my computer and googled 'dollhouse'. I explained that we could get the items within a few days. Their little faces lit up. 

They looked at lots of different types of furniture and houses...

And stopped when they saw 'the one'.

Everyone: "It's perfect. How do we get it?"

Me: "We need money so we can buy it".

Coconut: "What's money?"

I explained what money is. The Sylvanians explained that they did not use money and so they didn't have any.

Rainbow Rev.: "Don't worry. Where there's a will, there's a way".

Me: "And where there's money, there's another" I muttered.

None of us could afford the doll house that they wanted. I felt bad for showing it to them. They began to leave one by one. I started to daydream about a world without money when I realised that Pepper and Coconut were still stood in front of me.

Pepper: "How curious it is that you can see us. I wonder..."

Coconut: "I wonder too Papa".

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Special delivery - Part 1

Ding dong! Special delivery!

Coconut:: "Not a 1, not a 2 but a 3 bananaaaa...".

Pepper: "Coconut, stop jumping on the bed please. You're making it heavier".

Marley: "Why do they have to live on the third flooooor?"

Me: "Hello. Need a hand?"

(Postman) Romeo: "Yes please. There's more downstairs. Would you mind?"

A minute later: 

Me: "Here you go."

Everyone: "Thank you".

Romeo: "This is Rainbow Rev.- the wood keeper. He gathers and chops wood from the Sylvanian forest and turns some into fine pieces of furniture like these. These are for the Royal Family. We thought we could surprise them at the party".

Rainbow Rev. : "It's a pleasure to meet you. You'll have to excuse my son. That's Marley crashed out on the bed there next to Pepper. I think there was one two many stairs there for him".

Marley: ZZZzzzzzz

Me: "Poor thing".

Coconut: "You forgot me- I'm Coconut".

Me: "Of course little Coconut how could I ever forget you. I met you and your father last time".

Rainbow Rev. "Aaaaagh. Please don't eat me".

Doughnut: "Meow- I'm Doughnut. Don't worry I won't eat you. Did you say you made these lovely bits of furniture? How long did they take you to make?"

All of a sudden the Earth began to shake. 

Everybody except for Marley who was still fast asleep: "Agh- what's happening?"

Rainbow Rev. and Pepper gave each other a worried look.

Pepper: "Mmmm - there is strange magic at work here. You see, Humans, Guardians and Sylvanians do not usually talk to each other. We still haven't figured it all out".

Rainbow rev. : "I'm sure everything turn out to be fine. It always does. I apologise for my comment earlier Doughnut. You seem like a lovely, er Guardian, I mean er cat. As for the furniture- it took me six weeks to make" he said proudly.

Doughnut: "Wow six weeks to make all of this - that's great!"

Rainbow Rev. : "No no- ha ha I wish. It took me six weeks to make the table".

Me and Doughnut: "Wo!".

Doughnut stared at up at me: "You have to tell them".

Thursday, 13 August 2015

A walk through the corn fields

The King and Queen have been busy making plans with Ruby for the big party, so Chester and Jasmine came over to visit Rocket and Hazel. It was a lovely summers day so we all went out for a walk together.

There were some gorgeous cornfields which seemed to be never ending. The Sylvanians ran around exploring and having fun.

Hazel: "I can climb higher than you!"

Jasmine: "Oh no you can't- I'm up here!" Jasmine was really quick at climbing.

Chester: "Let's see what time is is".

We heard a strange growl and the girls began to scream.

Me: "Oh look it's a nice little farm cat". 

I had forgotten that cats were guardians and most were enemies with Sylvanians. The cat jumped up and grabbed Chester from my hand.

The guardian ran off with poor little Chester in his mouth.

Chester: "Help me!"

There was no way any of us could catch the guardian- it was so fast.

I turned around to look at Hazel and Jasmine. They were still screaming.

Hazel: "Where's my brother? Rocket, Rocket where are you?"

Chester and Rocket were nowhere to be seen.

Chester: "Aggghhh. Help me! Help me!" 

Chester had suddenly appeared in a nearby plant and was still calling for help.

Jasmine: "Chester, how did you get up there?"

Chester: "I have no idea. One second the guardian was biting my tail, then I was flying over the corn field, and now I'm here?!"

Hazel: "Has anybody seen Carrot?"

Carrot: "I'm here sis. I guess I'm a slow climber".

Jasmine: "I'm sure he wasn't there a second ago".

Chester: "That was so scary".

Hazel: "I'm so glad everybody is ok".

Chester: "My tail hurts".

With the adrenaline running through everybody they were so focused on how Chester had magically been rescued that they overlooked how Rocket had also appeared out of nowhere. 

We waited until the guardians had gone and then we all ran home.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sylvanian mole house

Look who got a mole house on eBay!

I wonder if anybody will move in? I'd love some tenants. They seem a little harder to come by these days. Mmmm- may have to hunt around for some.