Tuesday, 13 December 2016

A little Sylvanian Christmas make

I picked up a DIY bauble from Hobby Craft to make this Christmas tree decoration. I glued some wadding around a bottle cap and superglued the baby onto it. I then glued the cap to the base of the rear shell. I waited till it was dry to make sure it was really sturdy as I didn't want my little baby to fall over and not be able to help her up! Later I popped a bit of snow inside and a bit of floral trim to the cover the closure. 

There's only one problem- we don't have a Christmas tree- doh!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Catch up posts - 1 of several

Hi everyone, so sorry I haven't been posting for a while. I haven't lost interest in our furry little friends or anything- I simply haven't had the time.

Here's what's been happening in Magic Mayhem over the past few months:

Rocket returned home safe and sound months ago. He managed to beat a postcard home and says he was so exhausted he couldn't even remember how he got home!? Hazel was so pleased to her brother back. We had a celebration party which was super fun.

I almost finished making the King and Queen's Royal Suite (I still need to finish sewing the bedding):

Misty installed a secret portal exclusively for the King and Queen to use to get in and out of their bedroom. I have no idea where it is.

Chip got new shoes. He's not supposed to wear them in the bedroom but Coco didn't realise.

Coco and her friends that ate Misty's cakes are still feeling a little bit poorly and tired at times. Nobody seems to know what's going on except for the Magic Mayhems. Maybe it was just some really bad cakes!!?

Unfortunatley I haven't been able to finish making a duvet cover for the four poster bed. I'll explain why over my next catch up posts :)

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Nina's Sylvanian giveaway

Nina is holding a fantastic giveaway on her Sylvanian blog: At the Periwinkles'. The blog has lots of fun, imaginative stories and gives an insight into the magic and mischief that Sylvanians get up to in their everyday lives.

You can find "At the Periwinkles' blog" and read all about Nina's giveaway here:


Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Sylvanian goodies!

Madame postie just delivered some Sylvanian goodies that I ordered at the weekend from the Sylvanian Shop in London. I got the Fresian Cow Family as I read on the forum that they are going to stop making them :( and the rest, my hand must have slipped on the mouse- oh well- he he he. The little bag at the front are the Sylvanian Pins. I didn't manage to capture them well in the photo- they are very small and cute.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Nearly complete

The castle doors are on and the flag is flying. (I've painted/ decorated and fixed everything together myself. I even used a drill to attach the door hinges on myself- very proud).

I'm halfway through making bedding for the master bedroom. I'll show you when it's completed.

It seems much bigger now that we are in a much smaller house but I love it. 

Monday, 25 July 2016

Master bedroom decor

King Chip and his daughter Hazel have been busy looking after the villagers whilst they settle into their new homes. The Queen has been quite sick recently (ever since eating Misty's cakes so she hasn't been as active). To make things even worse she is now worried about Rocket as he still isn't back yet.

Wolfy, Rainbow Rev and Pepper have started to build some furniture for the King and Queen's bedroom. Right now they are building a four poster bed.

Apricot and Fleur are busy discussing colours and features for the room. Fleur had also eaten one of Misty's cakes but was feeling ok today so she was helping out.

Can you spot Rainbow Rev?

Rainbow Rev: "Love, love, love, love is all you need...." he sings.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The move

The Sylvanians were all packed up ready for the second move with us but Rocket has not yet returned from London!

Doughnut patrolled the empty house, making sure that nobody was forgotten whilst Yiasoo tried to reassure the Carrot Family that Rocket would find them at their new home.

The villagers squeezed into the boot of my car. Yiasoo and Doughnut had to ride on the backseat of my car for yet another long journey. I have to tape the tops of the cages down because they push open the lids, jump out and try to drive.  Believe me if you ever see a Guardian behind the wheel- you'll have a lot to freak out about!

Doughnut was caught speeding in Germany (I believe the wanted posters are still up for her arrest) but shhh it's our little secret:

Hazel and Coco sang to the Guardians as they get travel sick and don't like being locked up. Chip did a little tap dance on the top of the cages.

Yiasoo and Doughnut sang along. It was a very musical ride!

But we made it :) Now we are unpacking, finding homes for the villagers whilst waiting nervously for Rocket's return?!

Sunday, 12 June 2016

A strange awakening

Early in the morning Chip and Coco were in the kitchen. Coco hasn't been feeling well after eating some of Misty's cakes so she is at home making chocolate instead of going to the factory. Chip is making pancakes for Hazel.

Misty:  "Knock knock! It's me".

Chip: "Hi Misty"

Misty: "Hi Chip. We've just come to drop off a present for Coco".

Chip: I'll just get her. You'll have to excuse me, don't want to burn the pancakes".

Chip ran off in a hurry.

Coconut: "Pancakes?!"

Coco: "Hi Misty. Hi Coconut".

Misty: "Are you feeling any better dear?".

Coco: "I think I might just be a bit run down with everything that's been going on recently".

Misty: "Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon. If there's anything I can do, just let me know".

Coconut: "1, 2, 3. For you" he shouted as he pushed a wooden toy towards the Queen.

Coco: "Oh it's lovely sweetie, thank you" she was a little puzzled as it was a baby toy.

Misty: "Coconut insisted we get it for you from the toy shop on the way here" she smiled sheepishly.

Coconut: "PANCAKES!!"

Coco: "Would you like to eat pancakes with Hazel?"

Coconut nodded.

Coco: "Ok then. Do you want to go and wake Hazel up?"

Coconut ran off to find Hazel's bedroom.

He crept into Hazel's bedroom. She was fast asleep.

Coconut climbed up onto the bed and then started to jump on Hazel.


Hazel screamed and screamed. When she realised what was happening she began to laugh. She could see Coconut smiling at her, smell the pancakes and hear laughter from downstairs.

Hazel and Coconut ate some delicious pancakes.

Coco gave Misty some of the chocolates she had just made and Misty left with Coconut.

Whilst Rocket is in London, Hazel is in charge of delivering the chocolate. She can only carry two packages at once so she has to make a few trips.

Hazel: "How does Rocket manage to deliver 25 boxes of chocolate in one morning on his skateboard? Is he some kind of octopus?"

Chip and Coco thought about it for a second but soon got distracted by other matters.

The guardians, Yiasoo and Doughnut watched as Hazel cycled up and down the street delivering chocolate. They have been very quiet. I think they are missing Rocket. Everyone is missing him.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Rocket's trip to London - Part 2 (of 2)

Thank you all for your comments. I took your advice on board and tried putting my camera through to take photos but all of the images came out black. The temptation was too great. I decided to stick my head into the magic portal and take a sneaky peek.

Everything was a bit blurry and I could many strange sounds. I could see a street name. Surely it wasn't...

It was!:

I heard loud footsteps and voices.

Voice A: "There's a human in the portal!"

Voice B: "Shoot to kill, I repeat, shoot to kill".

I quickly pulled my head out of the portal, as I did I caught a glimpse of Rocket's friend- Dave! Wo! Did he see me?

(David if you ever read this blog my apologies to you. I've never seen you dance and I'm sure you are an excellent dancer. And don't worry this portal's closed now so no more surprise visits. As for the Sylvanians there's a whole bunch of us who can see them but I wouldn't worry as the majority of the world simply don't believe. As for the folk that can see them- we're harmless and really rather pleasant). 

That's enough fun in London for me, think I'll head back home. I hope Rocket has an enjoyable time. Hopefully he'll be back home soon. 

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Rocket's trip to London - Part 1 (of 2)

Rocket: "Pssst Yiasoo. Since I crashed my hot air balloon and everybody is busy I was hoping you might give me a ride to London?!"

Me: "Rocket- do you have a death wish? Quick she's waking up. Come with me!"

I decided to give Rocket a ride to London in my little car. Everyone was pretty busy and London is a two hour drive away. (You can see an grumpy guardian in this photo- think someone may have woken her up- ooops)

The drive to London flew by. Before we knew it we were on the London Underground. Rocket was really excited about seeing his friend again.

Rocket: "Oh it's a shame you can't meet my friend Dave. He's funny and really smart. His dancing is just as embarrassing as Dad's though- he he. I hope he has some good advice for me. Oops I've probably told you too much. It's a top secret mission. Pretend you didn't hear any of that". 

We stopped off to do a little bit of sightseeing but it soon got dark.

We went back on the London Underground and headed for Baker Street to find one of the Sylvanians secret portals which would take Rocket straight to Dave's house.

We arrived at Baker Street all too soon. A portal appeared just above a bench. I gave Rocket a hug goodbye, I was going to miss him a lot. Before I had the chance to shed a tear he ran and jumped up into the portal. 

I heard the ding dong sound of a doorbell and then a male voice say "Rocket- it's so good to see you. What an unexpected surprise. Come on in."

Seconds later an alien with three eyes appeared in the portal.

Alien: "Want to see where Rocket is going?"

The alien stretched out it's arms and the portal grew bigger. 

The portal is just big enough for me to squeeze my head in and take a peek. What do you think I should do? Should I trust the alien? Should I trust anything that has three eyes? 

Our ability to see the Sylvanian realm co-existing within our own world is strange enough, how much weirder could it possibly get?

If I had a really quick peek it wouldn't do any harm, would it?

 I'll wait for your responses to decide what to do next...

Sylvanian goodies

I couldn't resist purchasing the Sylvanian beekeeper and pancake set. They arrived this morning ♡

I have a feeling that they will be featuring in some upcoming stories.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Sorry I'm busy!

Rocket: "Dad, can I talk to you for a minute please?"

Chip: "Sorry I'm busy discussing very urgent matters. We'll talk later."

Rocket: "Mum, can I talk to you for a minute please?"

Coco: "Sorry I'm busy. I have to go to Misty's coffee morning and I'm already running late. I don't want to give our Royal Family a bad name now do I? We'll talk afterwards. Oh and Misty asked if you could go and see her about something urgent".

Rocket: "Ok"

Coco: "Don't look so worried. You know Misty thinks the world of you! She's magicked Monkey Pod into the human kitchen. She'll be waiting for you."

Rocket skated downstairs. He was scared. She knew his secret, she had to know. Why else would she want to see him? 

Misty: "Oh Rocket - I need to ask you a huge favour. Would you mind looking after Mango and Coconut whilst I serve up cakes at the coffee morning?"

Rocket: "Oh, er sure. Great yes, of course" he was relieved but disappointed at the same time.

Misty: "Is everything ok dear? You know you can talk to me about anything".

Rocket gulped.

Rocket: "Actually yes there is something troubling me. You see I am the

Rocket was cut off mid way by the alarm on the oven. Misty's cakes were ready.

Misty: "Sorry I'm a bit busy right now. Tell you what, we'll have a chat later!"

Misty began to lay out her freshly baked cakes whilst the Sylvanians began to arrive.

Five ladies arrived for the morning.

Misty: "Thank you all for coming to this coffee morning. I know we are all busy with sorting things out and we'll be moving again soon. I thought it would be nice to add a bit more cheer to our lives. Today I've made some extra special cakes with a secret ingredient which you may want to eat because

Suddenly Misty shook and gasped. She had just had a vision.

Misty: "Rocket...".

Misty ran as fast as her little feet could carry her to have a private word with Rocket.

After waiting patiently for five minutes the ladies all agreed to make a start with the cakes and the juice as they were all positive that Misty would want them to enjoy themselves, plus the cakes looked delicious.

They all enjoyed eating the cakes.

Coco: "I've been a bit greedy and taken two pieces. I skipped breakfast this morning you see" she laughed out aloud.

Isabella: "Don't worry I had two as well" she woofed across the table.

The Queen was secretly eyeing up the last slice of cake but they were saving it for Misty.

After talking to Rocket Misty turned around and gasped at the sight of the empty cake trays.

She tried to hide her shock but failed drastically.

Coco: "We saved you a slice" but Misty shook her head as she didn't want it.

The Queen quickly grabbed the cake and before Misty could stop her she had eaten the entire slice.

A little while later:

Misty: "Coco, I was hoping Rocket would be able to go on an urgent secret mission to London for me? I think he would enjoy a break too".

Coco: "Ok, yes if that's what Rocket wants too".

Rocket hugged his Mother goodbye. Coco abruptly excused herself and left suddenly saying "I think  I was a bit too greedy eating three". 

One by one the other Sylvanains began to feel ill and politely excused themselves as they ran to their homes. Misty said goodbye to Rocket as he left to go to London.

Pepper: Misty my sweetie, how did the coffee morning go?"

Misty broke down and cried, telling Pepper everything that had happened.

Keep reading the Magic Mayhem blog to find out why Misty is serving up poisonous cakes to her friends and see how Rocket's secret unfolds.