Friday, 11 March 2016

Finally moving into the Castle - Part 2 of 2

Hazel and Rocket rushed downstairs.

Hazel:"Oh my gosh- my bedroom is beautiful. Thank you so much to everybody that helped to do this".

Coco: "Hazel aren't we forgetting something?"

Hazel: ?

Coco: "You're a Princess dear... We have guests" she whispered".

Hazel was too out of breath and confused. What should she be doing?!

Wolfy: "Give me your chair you little trouble maker before I roll you up in that old rug or eat you for my tea"! He picked Hazel up and threw her over his shoulder, spun her around and then

threw her down on the table and tickled her. Everyone was laughing.

Hazel: "Stop it ha ha ha I'm a Princess stop it, help me ha  ha ha ha".

Hazel threw her arms about and Wolfy stepped backwards knocking over a new chair. The room was quickly filled with silence.

Coco gave both Hazel and Wolfy the look. Everybody struggled to keep a serious face.

The silence continued. The Sylvanians gathered close together to use the magical wishing dust to provide some food for them to eat. My Sylvanian funds didn't stretch to a dollhouse kitchen :( 
The power went out. It was very spooky.

Everyone thought about what they wanted to eat. 

The lights came back on and ta da. Pizza and juice was served and more pizza was cooking in a stone baked oven behind them. The Sylvanians enjoyed munching threw their pizzas and discussing the days events. 

After they had finished eating pizza a little table appeared with chocolate fondue and strawberries for dessert. (This is Little Strawberry Girl Re-ment).

Rocket and Hazel helped Wolfy to dip the strawberries into the chocolate without covering himself in chocolate every time.

Wolfy got much better at dipping the strawberries into the chocolate but he tried a little too hard to get the very last bit of chocolate out and splashed Rocket's face with the last bit of chocolate.

Pepper: "Now that's what I call a chocolate rabbit"!

I hope you enjoyed my story. Recently I haven't had as much time as I would like to spend reading blog posts and making new stories. Here's what the Castle is looking like at the moment.

Originally I had hoped that one large dolls house would work out cheaper than several Sylvanian smaller Sylvanian buildings but the cost of doll house furniture is so expensive so I think I'll have to mix the two together. The doll house furniture is slightly on the the larger scale but I think it's ok. Has anyone else tried any doll house furniture?

I was hoping to fix the doors on with a drill and decorate with some fragile bits of porcelain flowers but I've just heard that we might be moving house again so it may all have to be put on halt once again.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Finally moving into the Castle - Part 1 of 2

The Castle has taken a lot longer than expected to build, moving country slowed progress too. It's not quite 100% finished yet but the Sylvanians are excited to move in. They are sat waiting by candlelight whilst Chip is finding the switch for the electrics. The children were excited as they had only just discovered there was a home for them to move into. 

Chip found the switch for the lights and ran into the living area to join in with the cheering and to see the children faces.

Hazel: "It reminds me of the forest. I love it!"

Rocket: "It's so modern".

Pepper: "Knock knock. Hi, we brought some home warming gifts. Some magical dust for tea, a plant and your."

Wolfy: "rug. I saved it before the village burnt down".

Chip and Coco looked at each other in horror. Of all the things they could have rescued they saved that dusty old rug!? 

Pepper had noticed that they were hiding their unhappy thoughts about the rug but was too polite to say anything.

Wolfy: "I was going to grab your mother's antique china but then Pepper here asked me to take extra care of the rug. Must be pretty special hey?".

Coco was saddened by the thought of her Mother's China going up in flames whilst an unloved rug was rescued instead. Pepper wasn't going to say anything but on the spur of the moment decided to say it anyway. 

Pepper: "This rug is the last item that we have left from our Great, Great Ancestors. That's why I have given it to you to look after".

The children looked at each other in amusement. Even their Mum and Dad had to do things they didn't want to as King and Queen, but keeping this smelly old rug was hilarious to them.

Chip: "Kids- what are you waiting for? Go explore for 10 minutes and then come and join us for tea".

Rocket and Hazel zoomed off together to check out the rooms. 

Hazel: "It's so shiny!"

Rocket: "What are they?"

Hazel: "Next! Come on- I want to see my bedroom".

Hazel: "Shotgun! This room is amazing".

Rocket: "Agh come one Hazel, this is obviously my room. My favourite colour is blue and I love sleeping under the stars".

Hazel: "Too late, I shotgunned it. You snooze, you loose"!

Rocket: "Why are you so stubborn?".

Rocket: "Fine then you won't want this bedroom then?!" he shouted as he ran through an almost empty room. 

Hazel was scared. At the back of her mind she knew that the blue space room was meant for Rocket. Mum and Dad's room would be at the top of the castle. The next bedroom had to be for her. 

What if she didn't like it?!

Rocket pushed the door open and slowly stepped inside.

Hazel peered in and couldn't believe what she was seeing. She gasped as she walked in.

Hazel was speechless. The room was a beautiful pink, the bed was huge and the furniture was super cute.

Rocket: "I can't believe I'm stuck with this girly, pink room" he teased as he looked at his little sister.

To be continued!