Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Bye bye bunny

It was a day like any other. The Carrot Family were in the castle. Hazel was watching T.V. Her favourite show was on - The Great Sewing Bunny.

Rocket was in his room looking through an atlas. He has been studying lots of different maps recently.

Chip and Coco were on the garden rooftop dancing. They got too close to the edge and unfortunately Coco lost her grip and slipped...

Chip leaned forward and tried to grab her but it was too late.

Chip: "Nooooooo".

Chip knew that this fall would cause Coco terrible injuries, perhaps even death. 

Coco screamed out loud as she fell further and further towards the ground!

Coco was still screaming when she realised that she was back on the rooftop garden sitting on the grass.

Chip turned in disbelief.

He ran towards Coco and covered her in kisses.

Chip: "I thought I'd lost you. How did you get back up here?"

Coco: "It all happened so fast. All I saw was your face and then I felt your arms pulling me up"?

Chip: "It wasn't me that rescued you".

The King and Queen quickly ran downstairs to see if one of the Magic Mayhems were about.
Hazel was still watching T.V.

Coco:"Are any of the Mayhems here darling?"

Hazel: "Misty dropped off some cakes yesterday. Nobody has visited today".

Coco: "What about Rainbow Rev?"

Hazel: "Not today, what's wrong"?

Chip: "We think somebody just used magic to save your mum".

Hazel: "What, no. Was it with magic wishing dust?"

Coco: "There wouldn't have been time. I fell off the roof".

The adrenaline was flowing. They burst into Rocket's room.

Chip: "Son, did you see any sorcerers"?

Rocket: "Sorcerers?"

Coco: "Someone just used magic to save me from falling off the castle roof!"

Rocket: "I er. What do you mean by sorcerer"?

Chip: "Oh dear someone may have developed magical powers besides the Mayhems and Rainbow Rev.".

Rocket: "That's a good thing right?"

Chip: "Nooo son. A sorcerer could shift the balance. They are likely to become evil as there's already good magic here. There's enough magic at play here. Some humans can see us. What ever will happen next?! We need to find out who it is and banish them."

Coco: "Yes, we must protect the Kingdom. We have to contact the Magic Mayhems right away."

Rocket gulped. 

Rocket: "Evil sorcerer?! Banishment".

The entire Kingdom has now been alerted to watch out for any signs of magic. Any suspicious activity will result in banishment.

Have you seen anything unusual?

Thursday, 7 April 2016

The making of the castle garden rooftop

As I'm sure you know Sylvanians love they outdoors. What I've recently discovered it that they love it so much that they also like to bring the outdoors inside.

Chip had promised his wife that once the castle was set up for the children to use he would grow a rooftop garden for her. He didn't waste any time. He has planted grass seeds and has been watering them for weeks. Now it was time to grow some flowers.

Bunnies are very curious creatures so it came as no surprise to Chip that he had been followed. Chip ended up with two little helpers.

Rocket: "Dad, what do i do after i've dug a little hole?"

Chip: "Pick some seeds and pop them into the hole. Then cover them up and your sister will water them".

Hazel has very steady hands. Rocket is always eager to get things done.

Rocket: "Dad, help. The seeds need life jackets. I poured too much water into the pot".

Chip: "I'm sure they'll be fine. Try to be a bit more careful next time son".

Rocket: "Okay Dad".

Chip started to swing his hips and sing.

Chip: "La la la little flowers..."

Hazel: "Daaaad, what on earth are you doing? You're so embarrassing!!"

Chip: "It's called dancing and singing. Plants love it. It will help them to grow".

Soon they were all singing and dancing.

They went up to the rooftop every day to water the plants and soon buds appeared and bloomed.

Chip: "I think it's time to show it to your mother!"

Chip brought Coco up onto the rooftop. She was really excited and started squeeling and jumping up and down.

Coco: "I had no idea you had started working on the rooftop garden already. It's beautiful, thank you. This will be a lovely place to relax".

Rocket had fallen asleep in the lounger.

Coco: "Gosh, our son always seems so tired. I wonder why as I never see him doing anything tiring".

Chip: "He eats more carrots than me yet I have to admit he is often late, tired and forgetful".

Little do they know that Rocket has a good reason for being the way he is as he has a secret of his own...