Sunday, 12 June 2016

A strange awakening

Early in the morning Chip and Coco were in the kitchen. Coco hasn't been feeling well after eating some of Misty's cakes so she is at home making chocolate instead of going to the factory. Chip is making pancakes for Hazel.

Misty:  "Knock knock! It's me".

Chip: "Hi Misty"

Misty: "Hi Chip. We've just come to drop off a present for Coco".

Chip: I'll just get her. You'll have to excuse me, don't want to burn the pancakes".

Chip ran off in a hurry.

Coconut: "Pancakes?!"

Coco: "Hi Misty. Hi Coconut".

Misty: "Are you feeling any better dear?".

Coco: "I think I might just be a bit run down with everything that's been going on recently".

Misty: "Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon. If there's anything I can do, just let me know".

Coconut: "1, 2, 3. For you" he shouted as he pushed a wooden toy towards the Queen.

Coco: "Oh it's lovely sweetie, thank you" she was a little puzzled as it was a baby toy.

Misty: "Coconut insisted we get it for you from the toy shop on the way here" she smiled sheepishly.

Coconut: "PANCAKES!!"

Coco: "Would you like to eat pancakes with Hazel?"

Coconut nodded.

Coco: "Ok then. Do you want to go and wake Hazel up?"

Coconut ran off to find Hazel's bedroom.

He crept into Hazel's bedroom. She was fast asleep.

Coconut climbed up onto the bed and then started to jump on Hazel.


Hazel screamed and screamed. When she realised what was happening she began to laugh. She could see Coconut smiling at her, smell the pancakes and hear laughter from downstairs.

Hazel and Coconut ate some delicious pancakes.

Coco gave Misty some of the chocolates she had just made and Misty left with Coconut.

Whilst Rocket is in London, Hazel is in charge of delivering the chocolate. She can only carry two packages at once so she has to make a few trips.

Hazel: "How does Rocket manage to deliver 25 boxes of chocolate in one morning on his skateboard? Is he some kind of octopus?"

Chip and Coco thought about it for a second but soon got distracted by other matters.

The guardians, Yiasoo and Doughnut watched as Hazel cycled up and down the street delivering chocolate. They have been very quiet. I think they are missing Rocket. Everyone is missing him.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Rocket's trip to London - Part 2 (of 2)

Thank you all for your comments. I took your advice on board and tried putting my camera through to take photos but all of the images came out black. The temptation was too great. I decided to stick my head into the magic portal and take a sneaky peek.

Everything was a bit blurry and I could many strange sounds. I could see a street name. Surely it wasn't...

It was!:

I heard loud footsteps and voices.

Voice A: "There's a human in the portal!"

Voice B: "Shoot to kill, I repeat, shoot to kill".

I quickly pulled my head out of the portal, as I did I caught a glimpse of Rocket's friend- Dave! Wo! Did he see me?

(David if you ever read this blog my apologies to you. I've never seen you dance and I'm sure you are an excellent dancer. And don't worry this portal's closed now so no more surprise visits. As for the Sylvanians there's a whole bunch of us who can see them but I wouldn't worry as the majority of the world simply don't believe. As for the folk that can see them- we're harmless and really rather pleasant). 

That's enough fun in London for me, think I'll head back home. I hope Rocket has an enjoyable time. Hopefully he'll be back home soon.