Tuesday, 13 December 2016

A little Sylvanian Christmas make

I picked up a DIY bauble from Hobby Craft to make this Christmas tree decoration. I glued some wadding around a bottle cap and superglued the baby onto it. I then glued the cap to the base of the rear shell. I waited till it was dry to make sure it was really sturdy as I didn't want my little baby to fall over and not be able to help her up! Later I popped a bit of snow inside and a bit of floral trim to the cover the closure. 

There's only one problem- we don't have a Christmas tree- doh!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Catch up posts - 1 of several

Hi everyone, so sorry I haven't been posting for a while. I haven't lost interest in our furry little friends or anything- I simply haven't had the time.

Here's what's been happening in Magic Mayhem over the past few months:

Rocket returned home safe and sound months ago. He managed to beat a postcard home and says he was so exhausted he couldn't even remember how he got home!? Hazel was so pleased to her brother back. We had a celebration party which was super fun.

I almost finished making the King and Queen's Royal Suite (I still need to finish sewing the bedding):

Misty installed a secret portal exclusively for the King and Queen to use to get in and out of their bedroom. I have no idea where it is.

Chip got new shoes. He's not supposed to wear them in the bedroom but Coco didn't realise.

Coco and her friends that ate Misty's cakes are still feeling a little bit poorly and tired at times. Nobody seems to know what's going on except for the Magic Mayhems. Maybe it was just some really bad cakes!!?

Unfortunatley I haven't been able to finish making a duvet cover for the four poster bed. I'll explain why over my next catch up posts :)