Sunday, 12 November 2017


Coco was busy being in the kitchen. Chip walks in and the room goes quiet. He has been acting very odd recently, ever since looking into Fuji San's Well to be precise!

Chip: "Hi everyone".
Everyone: "Hello".

Chip sits down ant the table and moves the family recipe book aside.

Chip: "This is Grandmothers secret recipe!"

Coco: "Yes dear, I'd thought I'd teach it Jasmine and Rocket before, well you know whilst I have the time". Maybe they can make apple pie when I'm 'busy'" - she winks and smiles at Chip.

The children look puzzled.

Chip: "I see"

Coco: "Next you need to pour the...."

Coco: "I understand that some of you may not want to share what we each saw in Fuji San's Well but I need to share what your father and I have seen".

Chip: "No don't say it, maybe it won't happen!"

Jasmine and Rocket stared at their father. They had never seen him act like this.

Coco: "You are the King! Now stop being silly and lets get this place sorted out ready for

Chip interrupted

Chip: "Don't say it, I can't even bare to hear it, its horrible, i like things the way they are, everything's going to change".

Chip thinks about what he saw in Fuji San's Well. He knows Coco has been feeling sick and thinks the worst.

Chip: "I can't cope"

He grabs the recipe book, bursts into tears, drops the book on the floor and runs away, accidentally knocking over his chair in his haste.

Coco: "I really don't see what all the drama is about. Triplets will be fun- you'll see!"

The children cheer as they are so excited with the news. 

Coco: "Now I'm going to need you both to help out a little bit more with chores please. There will be a lot of changes around here. To start with I have a surprise for each of you in your bedrooms, I think we're all going to need our own space too at times".

Rocket: "What's happening to Dad?".

Coco: "I think he's in shock- don't worry he'll come around".

The children rush off to see the surprises in their bedrooms.

Chip has also gone to his bedroom. He is angry, scared and sad. He thinks that Coco is dying and is confused that she is so calm about the situation.

Hazel sees her new sewing machine. She is super happy.

Rocket has a new flat screen TV fixed onto his bedroom wall- perfect for watching his favourite TV shows on. 

Coco goes in to talk to Chip.

Coco: "Everything's going to be fine my love".
Chip: "Everything was perfect. I don't want to lose you"

Coco was started to get a bit annoyed with Chips behaviour

Coco: "It's going to be another adventure. You're not going to lose me, you're just going to have to get used to me not being around as much. I'm going to get a maid and a chef to help out with things as I won't be able to and you'll be extra busy too I assume".

Chip cried and cried and cried.

Coco shouted "Chip this has got to stop. Now put those shoes on and lets go and buy a pram or two!!"

Chip instantly figures out that Coco is pregnant, but this gives him just as much reason to worry. He decides to bottle it up and hope for the best".

Chip: "How many little beds will we need" he smiles

Coco: "3"

Chip nearly falls over and they both laugh.

Coco: "Did you see triplets in Fuji San's Well too?"

Chip: "It just took me a while to see it clearly. I'm so sorry for the way I've been acting, I was confused. Now lets go and have another adventure".

Coco: "1,2,3" she says in Coconut's voice

Chip: "Oh I'm finally getting it". 

Monday, 21 August 2017

Masked hero

Summer has been a super busy time. The Sylvanians have been out and about on adventures, having lots of fun. 

Rumours have quickly spread about a masked hero rescuing Sylvanians from danger. In this case we can see the mysterious masked hero catching someone that had slipped and fallen off a large rock. Witnesses say that the superhero appears out of nowhere, saves victims and the runs/ flies away at great speed.

Who could the hero possibly be?

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Blackpool bunnies

After a busy weekend I fell asleep and began to dream...

My dream: Rocket asked myself and Lucky if we wanted to go to Blackpool for the day. I magically shrank to a doll again and off we went on our adventure.

We ate fish and chips, chased each other on the beach and played on the arcade games.

We even got our fortune read by the great and mysterious "Zoltar".

It was a beautiful, sunny day! But something didn't feel quite right, things became blurry and I couldn't focus any more. 

I could hear a ringing sound- it was my alarm clock. I was beginning to wake up!

As I hurried around the house to get ready, I picked my shorts up off the floor. This is what fell out of my pocket: A Zoltar Fortune card, an arcade game prize and some loose change.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Sylvanian school opening

There has been a lot of excitement recently amount the Sylvanian children as today the new school was opening. I on the other hand had to pop to the supermarket to buy food. But when I was there I couldn't stop thinking about what the new Sylvanian school was going to be like. I kind of wished I was able to go...

Bang! Pop! Wazzalabanop!

I was magically transported back home with the supermarket trolly! 

Hazel was just leaving the house to go to school. She ran excitedly towards me and jumped into my trolly!

Hazel: "Are you coming to school with me?".

I was dazed and confused. Where was I? How? Why? Hazel was so big! I looked down at my hands! Somehow I had been transformed into a doll. Even as a doll I was still having a bad hair day!

Me: "I can't bend my knees!!! I can barely walk". I was in shock

Hazel: "Did you use wishing dust? Look you're in school uniform. Come on, let's go to school!".

There were so many unanswered questions but we didn't care because were going on a magical adventure together. We were both excited. There was just one hurdle I had to face first- the stairs!!!

Thursday, 27 April 2017

A day out in the sunshine - photo diary

Me: "Good morning Sabrina, good morning Pierre! What do you want to do today?!"

Pierre: "Let's go outside!"

Sabrina: "Yeah!"

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Easter

This is a common scene when I wake in the morning: A guardian sat either on me or on my pillow!

Me: "Yiasoo, why did you steal my pillow again?"

Yiasoo: "All the better to guard you from! Mmm, has your neck always been bent like that?"

Yiasoo: "Ok, hang on. As it's Easter I'll give you a gift!"

Me: "No, no pleease, honestly there's no need for another mouse, or rabbit or bird".

Yiasoo: "Too late!"

This is Yiasoo's magic performing face- LOL!

A good half hour later... - Poof!

Yiasoo: "Tada- Breakfast in bed. Happy Easter Madame!"

Me: "Wow. Thanks Yiasoo. This is fantastic! Happy Easter Yiasoo".

Yiasoo: "Happy Easter everyone" :D 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Fuji San's Well and it's secrets

Rocket felt relieved and happy because he had seen:

A mask! What a perfect disguise for his super hero rescue missions.

Hazel peered into the well next. Secretly she was hoping to see herself winning The Great Sewing Bunny. Instead she saw:

A Prince! She gasped as she was in shock. Although she thought the Prince was charmingly handsome Hazel was very independant and had never dreamed of meeting somebody.

Coco was next and she was very frightened. She peered into Fuji San's Well. She heard Coconut singing 1,2,3 and when her image appeared she burst into tears! Coco saw:

Not one, not two but three baby bunnies! Suddenly the sickly feeling made perfect sense and she was not worried or scared any more. The combination of Misty's magical baby cakes and well let's say snuggling with Chip has resulted in Coco becoming pregnant with triplets-yeah!

Chip: "What is it dear, are you ok?"

Coco: "Everything is going to be just fine. Take a look inside the well".

Chip climbed up and looked inside. King Chip saw:

Death's sickle. He jumped back in fear. 

He looked at his wife who was wiping tears from her eyes. He knew she had been sick for a while, surely Death's sickle didn't mean.... Chip assumed that Coco had seen the same thing and was just putting on a brave face. He thought he should too. 

Nobody was ready to share their secret knowledge just yet. They headed home to ponder over their new found knowledge.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Catch up post 7 - Through the ancient portal

The Sylvanians fought their way through the overgrown weeds and brush to discover the entrance of the ancient portal. One by one they each stepped through.

They were magically transported to a beautiful area in Grinpa, Japan. The Carrot Family admired Mount Fuji, the lake and the gorgeous cherry blossoms that surrounded them.

Hazel: "This place is beautiful but I don't understand why the magic carpet brought us here?!"

Misty appeared! She had followed them through the portal.

Misty: "Welcome to Fuji San's Well. The magic carpet has been passed down through the Royal Carrot Family since ancient times. When in need your carpet will help, guide and protect you as it is under a very powerful spell. It's curious that it has brought all of you here to this sacred place".

 One by one the Carrot family began to ask questions.

Misty: "I really shouldn't be here and I'm sorry I can't answer all of your questions. If you did have a worry or question you could always talk to Fuji San's Well. It is a magical well with powers far beyond my own. He can look inside your soul and whisper secrets. Once Fuji San's Well has given you his wisdom you will know what to do". 

Misty disappeared!

Rocket quickly ran around Fuji San's Well and clambered up. He peered into Fuji San's Well. He focused at the bottom of the Well. Bfore he had even asked his question he saw something appear at the bottom of the well. 

Rocket gasped and then a cheeky grin spread across his face.

Come back soon to find out the secrets from Fuji San's Well.

Wishing you all a wonderful day, Sarah :D

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's day!

Pierre: "Happy Valentine's day Sabrina. Je t'adore".

Sabrina: "Oooh my, you brought me some catnip and it smells so nice! Merci Pierre. Why do you keep asking me to close the door. Is it a joke? I don't get it".

Sabrina was embarrassed and confused. Pierre smiled nervously. She still has no idea that Pierre has fallen in love with her and her French is still really, really bad. 
Will Pierre continue to show his affection towards Sabrina? Probably.

Will Sabrina ever realise that Pierre loves her? It's not looking promising.

Monday, 13 February 2017

The perfect gift for Valentine's day?!

We have just had a new cat flap installed. I probably should have hoovered but I had to snap a few shots of the Sylvanians as they left on a new adventure.

Me: "Where are you all going?"

Piere: "We are going to find the perfect flower for me to give to Sabrina for Valentines day".

Me: "That's sounds like fun- enjoy".

One by one the Sylvanians climbed up their little ladder and disappeared into the forest.

They found some beautiful flowers but Pierre didn't like any of them.

Jasmine: "How about this flower?"

Pierre: "No, sorry it has to be perfect- that way Sabrina will know how I feel about her".

They couldn't find a flower that Pierre liked and so they left empty handed. Pierre was feeling sad and everyone was tired. They came back here to ask for help when Pierre spotted something.

Pierre: "That's it- it's perfect. Sabrina will love it and then she'll know that I'm in love with her".

He jumped up onto the window sill and quickly climbed up one of my plants.

Pierre's friends were worried.

Buster: "They are not flowers, they are leaves".

Pierre didn't listen. He was so excited, he grabbed a leaf and climbed back down with it.

Chester: "Eeeww it's stinky- put it back".

Jasmine: "Your french exchange will end soon and you will have to go back to Paris. Are you sure you want to give Sabrina a stinky leaf before you leave?"

Pierre: "I think it smells gorgeous".

Pierre's friends were shocked.

Do you think Sabrina will like Pierre's Valentine's Day gift? 

Find out tomorrow!