Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Catch up posts - 4 of several

I began to tell the Carrot Family all about the strange dreams that I had been having.

Rocket: "I think the Mayhems should hear this".

Coco: "Magic Mayhem, Magic Mayhem, Magic Mayhem"!


I began again, telling everyone about my bizarre Sylvanian dreams.

Me: "It usually begins something like this":

A voice whispers - push!

Me: "I climb up the ladder".

Everyone stared at me in silence. Chip dropped a slice of bread of the floor as he was so shocked.

Before he had the chance to pick it up a little bird flew down and started to eat it.

Pepper: Have you met any E.T's?

Me: "Nope" but I had forgotten about the one I met in London that opened up the portal.

Pepper: "Ok. Please tell us more".

Me: "I've seen":

A city:

A shiny new bakery?!:

Darleks trying to attack Chip:


A village


A chocolate factory:



Me: "A 10 ft alligator that chases Captain Morgan, Tartan school dresses and I always wake up when Wolfy eats too much and starts being sick everywhere"!

Misty: "Seems as though you've seen one of our portals, some of our villages, our missions, holidays and some stuff I'm not even sure of!"

Pepper: "I always thought Old Morgan had made up that story of the 10ft alligator that ate his shoe"!

They were laughing curiously when Hazel ran in with her friends Buttercup and Lucky.

Hazel: "Do you like our new uniforms? We heard school was opening up soon so we picked these up just now". 

There was an eerie silence. 

Lucky: "I brought you a lolly pop" she smiled as she handed it to Rocket".

Wolfy turned up unexpectedly!

Wolfy: "Oooh sandwiches. I suppose I could eat a little bit more. Can I have one please?"

"Noooo" - everybody screamed. Wolfy looked sad, he loved eating.

He looked down at his feet wondering what he had done wrong when he spotted the little blue tit tucking into the slice of bread.

Wolfy: "How come this little fellow gets some but I don't".

Me: "It's a long story Wolfy, I'll start at the beginning...

Monday, 16 January 2017

Catch up post - 3 of several

Little Coconut has brought a third gift for Chip and Coco. Mr DaMooer had visited at the same time.

Coconut drove the little red car into the castle beeping the horn and shouting "1,2,3".

Coconut: "1,2,3 for you la la la la 1,2,3!

Chip: "Oh wow- this is amazing - thank you so much" with exaggerated excitement.

Coconut stood up proudly and shouted "last one for you, 1,2,3 da da da".

Coco began thinking about the 3 children's gifts, the 1,2 3 and the 3 of Misty's cakes that she had eaten that has made her feel unwell. She looked at Misty who had a large smile on her face. The reoccuring number 3 was really starting to make her think...

Hazel: "Mr DaMooer's brought some milk over for us so I'll go and put the kettle on" She walked off to the kitchen and began wondering where MrDamooer gets all of the milk from.

Come back on Wednesday 18th for an extra special story!

Friday, 13 January 2017

Catch up posts - 2 of several

Little Coconut brought the King and Queen a second gift.

Misty: "Coconut insisted we get this book for you" she chuckled shyly

Coco: "Oh thank you sweetie but th..

Both Misty and Pepper were shaking their heads in the background.

Coco continued "this is perfect- I'm going to enjoy reading this book so much- thank you".

Coconut: "Silly sausage, 1,2,3 la la la 1,2,3".

Chip and Coco couldn't figure out why little Coconut kept insisting to buy childrens toys for them.

Chip: "Maybe he thinks we'll enjoy them" he cried out laughing.

Coco: "It's sweet but a little bit strange".

Pepper and Misty smiled nervously. Something strange was going on but the King and Queen just couldn't think what it could be.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Eye spy with my little eye

Rumours of a peeping tom at the new boutique are quickly spreading. The store is so new it doesn't stock many items and I didn't even know it existed. I wonder who the peeping tom could be?!