Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Fuji San's Well and it's secrets

Rocket felt relieved and happy because he had seen:

A mask! What a perfect disguise for his super hero rescue missions.

Hazel peered into the well next. Secretly she was hoping to see herself winning The Great Sewing Bunny. Instead she saw:

A Prince! She gasped as she was in shock. Although she thought the Prince was charmingly handsome Hazel was very independant and had never dreamed of meeting somebody.

Coco was next and she was very frightened. She peered into Fuji San's Well. She heard Coconut singing 1,2,3 and when her image appeared she burst into tears! Coco saw:

Not one, not two but three baby bunnies! Suddenly the sickly feeling made perfect sense and she was not worried or scared any more. The combination of Misty's magical baby cakes and well let's say snuggling with Chip has resulted in Coco becoming pregnant with triplets-yeah!

Chip: "What is it dear, are you ok?"

Coco: "Everything is going to be just fine. Take a look inside the well".

Chip climbed up and looked inside. King Chip saw:

Death's sickle. He jumped back in fear. 

He looked at his wife who was wiping tears from her eyes. He knew she had been sick for a while, surely Death's sickle didn't mean.... Chip assumed that Coco had seen the same thing and was just putting on a brave face. He thought he should too. 

Nobody was ready to share their secret knowledge just yet. They headed home to ponder over their new found knowledge.


  1. Congrats to Coco! I do wonder what Chips image means...

    1. Yeah- Coco is very excited. Sadly Chip has been worrying even more recently.

  2. Ooo I got chills from reading this...

    1. Think Chip is feeling the same way :(

  3. Hello Sarah! :)

    Oh my goodness... What an awesome chapter... I was still laughing about the triplets being revealed to Coco when Chip saw the sickle... That's really spooky and now I am afraid for them...

    I hope it means something else than what he is thinking and that everyone will be well...

    Have a pleasant week!

    1. The Sylvanians have very dramatic lives. I'm sure everything will be fine in the end, somehow, maybe...