Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Easter

This is a common scene when I wake in the morning: A guardian sat either on me or on my pillow!

Me: "Yiasoo, why did you steal my pillow again?"

Yiasoo: "All the better to guard you from! Mmm, has your neck always been bent like that?"

Yiasoo: "Ok, hang on. As it's Easter I'll give you a gift!"

Me: "No, no pleease, honestly there's no need for another mouse, or rabbit or bird".

Yiasoo: "Too late!"

This is Yiasoo's magic performing face- LOL!

A good half hour later... - Poof!

Yiasoo: "Tada- Breakfast in bed. Happy Easter Madame!"

Me: "Wow. Thanks Yiasoo. This is fantastic! Happy Easter Yiasoo".

Yiasoo: "Happy Easter everyone" :D 


  1. Hello Sarah,

    What a lovely sight to wake up to! Yiasoo is so good looking. :)

    I love her magic performing face. :D The gift she conjured up for you is so large - wow!
    Is it a dinosaur egg? :D

    Have a great Easter Sunday!


    1. Haha thanks for your lovely comment

  2. Happy Easter to you! What cute pics :)

    1. Thankyou- hope you had a good weekend

  3. You have a lovely cat! Cute story!

  4. Did my comment go through? If not:
    I love cats and he is so cute! I am glad he did not give you a special "present" of a bird or rabbit, chocolate is much nicer. Happy Easter!